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The Crave Beauty Academy
Crave Beauty Academy is an academy where individuals who desire to be estheticians, cosmetologist, hairstylists, and nail technicians are taught the skills that they need in order to be professionals. Crave Beauty Academy officially opened in 2003, but the creators of this academy have a rich history when it comes to the field of cosmetology and beauty. Kim McIntosh is the owner of Crave Beauty Academy, and her goal was to create an education center that was completely dedicated to its students and their education. The core values of the Crave Beauty Academy are Culture, Relationships, Achievement, Values and Education. This beauty academy believes in teaching, tutoring, inspiring, and mentoring its students. Crave Beauty Academy is dedicated to helping students to reach their ultimate potential, and that is what makes it an academy that stand in a class of its own.

Programs that Are Available at the Crave Beauty Academy
Crave Beauty Academy offers three different programs. The first one is cosmetology. The cosmetology course is an accredited program that is 1500 hours. This course gives you a complete education when it comes to skin, nails, and hair. This program features education in the classroom and also on the floor. The second program is aesthetics. This accredited program is between 750 hours and 1000 hours depending on where you live. The aesthetics program gives you a complete education in skin analysis, massage, anatomy and different treatments for the skin. The third program is a program in nail technology. This program last between 350 to 400 hours depending on where you live. The nail technology course is designed to give you an education in nail care, manicures, pedicures and nail enhancements. After graduating from this program, you will be qualified to work in spas, resorts, or in nail salons.

The Crave Beauty Academy Difference
The owner of the Crave Beauty Academy has been working in cosmetology for over 25 years. She has toiled and persisted in order to build a company that she is extremely proud of. The Crave Beauty Academy focuses on camaraderie, so all the students feel like family. The education that you will receive at this academy will give you lifelong benefits. You will leave with not only get a deep understanding of the cosmetology industry, but you will also walk away from your education with a whole new set of friends.

Do Beauty the Right Way
If you are interested in the field of cosmetology, you do well to go to the best school possible. If you are located either in Wichita or Baldwin, Crave Beauty Academy is where you will get your best start. Crave Beauty Academy recognizes that all students come from different backgrounds and have different financial situations. Since that is the case, Crave offers financial plans and scholarships as well. Contact the Crave Beauty Academy for more information on their programs if you are ready to jump start your career in beauty.

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