Jeunesse Kids Partners with Habitat LA


This past winter, the Jeunesse nonprofit foundation Jeunesse Kids united with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA) during the LEAD Jeunesse North American 2019 conference, where thousands of Jeunesse Distributors convened for a weekend of leadership learning. Throughout the weekend, more than 60 Jeunesse Distributors, executives and staff volunteered to help build houses and playhouses for the Habitat for Humanity Globe Avenue project in Culver City, California.

Also during LEAD 2019, Jeunesse Distributors raised nearly $125,000 USD for this impactful cause. Proceeds from the generous fundraising were donated to Habitat LA, whose mission is to provide homes to families in need by allowing future homeowners to help build safe and affordable housing. Families participate in the home building as a way of investing in their purchase from the ground up, which encourages them to maintain their mortgage as a sense of pride and belonging to the community and the home they helped build.

Jeunesse Global corporate representatives and Distributors expressed compassion and commitment to children by not only contributing to the donations, but also by rolling up their sleeves to share the experience and participate in the build. Let’s take a look at the LEAD Jeunesse 2019 conference and Habitat LA weekend experience, how Jeunesse has contributed to helping children through the years, and where they plan to help in the near future.

Jeunesse Gives Back

Social responsibility is at the heart of Jeunesse culture. Giving back with time, energy and donations is a fundamental trait of Jeunesse Distributors and corporate team. When the opportunity presented itself in January to partner with Habitat for Humanity, the purpose fit perfectly with the philanthropic mindset of the Jeunesse children’s charity Jeunesse Kids.

Jeunesse Kids envisions a world where all children have the opportunity to grow and flourish and look forward to a happy, successful future. The nonprofit foundation is dedicated to creating a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged children worldwide. Jeunesse Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis confirmed this commitment to service.

“We are proud to partner with Habitat LA to help build homes for Los Angeles families,” Lewis said. “Stable housing provides a multitude of benefits for children and can help lift them up from a life of potential poverty. We are happy to support this project and honored to work alongside the families that will call Globe Avenue home for years to come.”

Jeunesse leadership members came together with LEAD Jeunesse 2019 conference attendees to help with the inspiring build for the new homeowners. The Jeunesse members who participated in the day’s activities included Founder and Chief Executive Officer Randy Ray, Founder and Chief Operations Officer Wendy Lewis, Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis and Isabel Lewis. They were joined by nearly 60 Jeunesse Distributors who eagerly signed up to participate in this heartfelt event once they learned about it upon arriving for LEAD Jeunesse 2019. The volunteers expertly tackled tasks within the homes, including interior painting and carpentry. The Jeunesse Family worked with homeowners throughout the build day, strengthening relationships and encouraging bright futures for the children. Habitat for Humanity recognized Jeunesse for their enthusiasm and contribution.

“We are very grateful to Jeunesse and their Distributors for coming together to support our mission,” said Erin Rank, President and CEO of Habitat LA. “Not only have they raised a significant amount of money, they came out to build homes with us on a very cold, wet day here in Los Angeles. Their commitment and warm smiles will have a lasting impact on the families who will call these houses home.”

The Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles, Habitat LA, is a nonprofit homebuilder with a mission of bringing people together to build homes, strengthen communities and instill hope in new homeowners as they build homes and invest in stability and self-reliance.

Jeunesse Kids: Meaningful Endeavors

Working with Habitat for Humanity and countless other charities worldwide aligns with the Jeunesse Global charitable ethic. Ongoing philanthropy, with an express focus on enriching children’s lives, is an important endeavor for Jeunesse.

During the Jeunesse EXPO9 Thrive 2018 World Tour, Jeunesse Distributors raised more than $1.57 million for youth initiatives around the world. For the year, Jeunesse Kids raised $3 million, doubling the total from 2017, thanks to the generous support of Jeunesse Distributors.

“The EXPO9 2018 World Tour truly demonstrated how our family of Jeunesse Distributors is thriving by taking action each day to change the lives of people around the world and creating a global movement with lasting impact,” Scott Lewis said.

Children have always been at the focus for the Jeunesse Founders. CEO Wendy Lewis and her husband, COO Randy Ray, began the Jeunesse Kids Foundation in 2012 with a mission statement to help free children from poverty and ensure proper healthcare and education.

Wendy and Randy strongly believe Jeunesse can enable children around the world to succeed. Their efforts have already improved lives around the globe, but Jeunesse hasn’t stopped there. Other outreach programs include fundraising endeavors to provide basic needs for children, such as shoes, medical services, hospitals and relief aid for underserved children.

Jeunesse specifically chose to reach farther and do more. They have adopted four villages through the WE Charity WE Villages program and since its inception and partnership, Jeunesse Kids Foundation has contributed substantially to help transform communities through projects like constructing new schools, purchasing new educational materials, creating teacher training programs, and providing clean water systems for drinking water and proper sanitation to promote improved health and wellbeing.

For example, in Kenya, contributions from Jeunesse Kids have been utilized to construct a new school, provide clean water and sanitation systems, and to support health clinics with proper training for medical staff to ensure future generations can pass on this education and help their community thrive. The Jeunesse Kids outreach has provided agricultural and gardening education to the underserved as well, which has led to alternative income programs for local communities, creating much-needed stability and a path to a more prosperous future.

The Jeunesse Leadership Mindset

Jeunesse Global is driven by integrity and innovation, promoting an environment in which everyone can thrive and grow. Their product lines are fueled by experience and knowledge and backed by science. Jeunesse combines technology, science and nature to deliver the most innovative products to vendors and customers around the globe. The company considers their Customers and Distributors the Jeunesse Family, empowering and encouraging all involved to live a healthier, more meaningful lifestyle in which they look, feel and live younger.

The Jeunesse mission statement is visionary: The Jeunesse Family creates positive impact in the world by helping people look & feel young, while empowering each other to unleash our potential.

This desire to help people doesn’t stop with clients. Jeunesse is focused on helping its Jeunesse Distributors succeed and its Jeunesse corporate team thrive. Because of this level of commitment, Jeunesse has become a global leader in wellness and beauty products sold and distributed throughout markets in more than 145 countries.

This global reach combined with the industry-leading brand’s enthusiastic approach to philanthropy makes Jeunesse Global stand out. The company is proud to have won awards for their cutting-edge products and for their expertise in business practices, from marketing and communications and from technology to, of course, philanthropic endeavors.


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