President Of Ecuador Says Julian Assange Spied On Other Nations From Ecuadorian Embassy


Lenin Moreno, the president of Ecuador, recently spoke to the Guardian newspaper in Britain regarding the severed relationship between Ecuador and Julian Assange. Moreno explains the WikiLeaks founder committed repeated violations of the terms of the asylum granted to him. Moreno also said Assange attempted to use the Ecuadorian Embassy in London as a base for his spying operations.

Police officers in London arrested Assange at the embassy last Thursday. The WikiLeaks founder appeared a bit disheveled and slightly confused. He told police officers repeatedly that their arrest of him was illegal while being dragged from the embassy.

Assange had previously been allowed to remain safe in the embassy for seven years as a result of the asylum agreement he made with Ecuador. The arrest paves the way for Assange to be extradited to America where he is expected to be held accountable for his role in the largest classified information leak in the history of the world.

The relationship between Assange and Ecuador deteriorated quickly following reports Assange leaked personal information regarding the life of the Ecuadorian president.

Moreno says he did not rescind the asylum to Assange in retribution for the documents released about his family. He also said it is regrettable that Assange would use the Ecuadorian embassy as a base to interfere in the private matters of other nations.

Moreno told the Guardian that any attempt to destabilize another nation is an unforgivable act in the eyes of the Ecuadorian government. He says his government is respectful of the political process of every sovereign nation.

Moreno finished by saying he would not allow the home he opened to Assange to be used as part of the WikiLeaks founder’s spy network.

Assange supporters do not believe the spying allegations. They assert, instead, the government of Ecuador betrayed the WikiLeaks founder. The supporters believe Ecuador committed the act of betrayal at the urging of the United States government. Many supporters believe the recent developments in the Assange situation sends a bad message to journalist worldwide.


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