Roger Kimmel: Making Tomorrow’s Dreams Come True


As business executives progress through their careers, they reach a point where they gauge success by their ability to help others. Whether through philanthropy, mentoring, or on a corporate board of directors, these and other avenues often present numerous ways to make the dreams of others come true. For executives such as Roger Kimmel, helping others succeed has been a passion of his for many years. Whether in his many roles within corporations and law firms, or perhaps while delivering keynote speeches and lecturing students on various topics, it is clear he has indeed been a difference maker in the lives of numerous people.

As the current Vice-Chairman of Rothschild Inc., Roger Kimmel spends much of his time focused on various aspects of investment banking. Working with clients on such matters as private equity transactions, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and other related areas, he is known for providing advice to clients that always helps them make the best decisions.

Before becoming Vice-Chairman at Rothschild, Roger Kimmel was a partner at the law firm of Latham and Watkins, where he specialized in many aspects of corporate law. Primarily focused on mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and corporate governance, he assisted clients on all levels in these and other matters. In doing so, he gained a reputation as an attorney whose opinions and strategies could be counted on to help clients navigate their way through the most complex legal circumstances.

With his extensive experience in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity transactions, Roger Kimmel has been able to use this expertise to find success in many other areas as well. For example, he has been a key figure in helping to found publicly-traded pharmaceutical companies, and has also served as a director and adviser to numerous corporate boards throughout his career. In fact, having worked with companies specializing in such areas as motion picture production, software development, nutrition, and public utilities, he has been able to use his legal and business knowledge to assist in many different areas.

While known primarily for his corporate business and legal careers, Roger Kimmel is also building a legacy as an educator. Currently serving as a professor of law at the University of Virginia Law School, he teaches many classes on corporate law and other related subjects. Known for lectures that are intellectually stimulating and filled with fascinating stories, he keeps his students focused not only on the task at hand, but also on their career aspirations.

In helping to make tomorrow’s dreams come true for his law students and young executives just beginning their careers, Roger Kimmel is committed to maintaining the highest levels of excellence in everything he does. Whether he is giving a speech to corporate executives at The Conference Board Center on how to make a board of directors as effective as possible, consulting with clients on an upcoming merger, or speaking to a law student after class, Roger Kimmel is always committed to helping others each and every day.



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