Terrorists Theories Spread Like Wildfire About Cathedral


As with many other major events that take place across the country, some people are quick to blame religious groups as well as military groups for what happens. The same can be said for the fire that destroyed a large portion of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Numerous people from around the world have shown their sympathy to the people of Paris after watching as flames took over the spire of the building and other interior areas. Soon after the fire started, those involved with conspiracy theories and those who seek to blame Muslims for events of this nature started posting information about Muslims and terrorists being behind the blaze.

There has been no indication that the fire was set intentionally. Officials in France have not released any information of this sort. The only thing that has been stated is that the fire was an accident. Before French officials could get a grasp on releasing details about the fire, numerous websites started spreading information about an attack.

During the first few hours of the fire, several fake Twitter and other social media accounts for news stations like CNN reported that the fire started due to a possible terrorist attack. Twitter did remove the fake accounts that were broadcasting this information. However, once people started reading the fake account, they started offering theories of their own about the fire possibly being started by a Muslim group. Representatives were misquoted and even quoted for saying things that they never said in the first place. This only resulted in more claims of terrorism. When officials learned of the false accounts, they quickly retracted their statements as they realized the information was not true. Unfortunately, anti-Muslim groups jumped in and only fueled the fire by claiming that officials are only trying to cover up the intentional setting of the fire by trying to get people to think that it was an accident.


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