Trump Leaves The Swamp After Inflicting Political Whiplash On Republicans


Chaos abounds in the swamp thanks to the president’s knee jerk decisions. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Trump’s idea to cut funds for three Central American countries was a stupid move. Those countries need the money to stop the violence and the drugs that make people seek asylum in the United States.

The Republicans didn’t like Trump’s healthcare push. Mitch McConnell said he wasn’t up for another healthcare battle with the Democrats. He’s up for re-election and he knows the Republicans don’t have a solution for the healthcare situation. If an appeals court upholds a lower court’s unconstitutional ruling, the Affordable Health Care Act will implode and millions of people won’t have insurance. If that happens, McConnell knows he’ll spend more time in Kentucky in 2020.

Trumps threat to close the Southern border was another stupid move, according to Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi knows closing the border will create an economic firestorm and it will be hard to put out. Pelosi’s comment may be the reason Mr. Trump said Mexico stepped up so he may not close the border. The Republicans told the president to stop talking about healthcare so he said he’ll introduce his plan after the 2020 election. Trump said he will win, and the Republican will take control of the House and the Senate.

Mr. Trump had to leave the swamp after he got all the blowback from his half-baked threats. He wants to get his two beef patties with extra sauce body in a golf cart so he can come up with a few more disruptive ideas that send Republicans running for cover.

But Trump had to throw a few grabs at Joe Biden at a National Republican Congressional dinner. Trump feels Biden pain as he takes a few low blows about his compassionate kissing and hugging addiction. Trump likes to use Joe as a punching bag. Joe reminds Trump of Obama and just thinking about Obama makes Trump see red, according to the Washington Post.

Lindsey Graham, Trump’s loyal lapdog, didn’t say much about the political whiplash the Trumpster inflicted on his own party. Graham saves his political rhetoric for the really bad Trump screw ups like granting security clearances to people who couldn’t pass the security clearance test. Graham is still in celebration mode over Barr’s phony exoneration summary. But Mitch McConnell didn’t hesitate when he told reporters he won’t be part of Trump’s healthcare and border battles.


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