Congress Subcommittee Opens Investigation Into Alleged Cohen Testimony Alteration


Michael Cohen is a now-former attorney who practiced law in the United States who is best known for serving current United States President Donald Trump. The 52-year-old was never widely known by the American public until he was accused of engaging in illegal activity on behalf of President Trump that occurred both before and after he was signed in as the leader of the United States.

Cohen was recently sentenced to a three-year stay in federal prison as a result of fibbing about whether The Trump Organization and its eponymous leader had planned on and tried to construct a Trump Tower location in Moscow, Russia. He was also found guilty of violating United States federal political campaign financing laws. These crimes were committed in the name of improving Trump’s chances of ultimately assuming of the role of the leader of the executive branch.

The now-former lawyer, who graduated from American University and Cooley Law School, began serving his three-year sentence in a New York federal penitentiary just short of two weeks ago, on May 6, 2019.

In the past few weeks, allegations of Donald Trump’s litany of attorneys editing the testimony of Michael Cohen that was submitted to the United States Congress have made their way around news outlets. Just yesterday, on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, the federal House of Representatives’ House Intelligence Committee announced that it launched a formal investigation into the allegations made by Michael Cohen to Congress several months ago.

Even though Cohen was found guilty of covering up for Trump in his testimony about the potential development of a Trump Tower in Moscow, the capital of Russia, the House Intelligence Committee has reason to believe that attorneys paid by President Trump edited his testimony to make Trump look better or otherwise result in fewer legal penalties for Cohen, Trump, and others who may have been involved in the criminal activities that Cohen was convicted of in 2018.

Michael Cohen’s testimony suggested that all of the Trump-led discussions between his party and figures in Russia related to the potential construction of a Trump Tower ceased in Jan. 2016. However, the talks persisted for another six months. This is relevant because Trump would not have legally been allowed to engage in such talks with international interests as the one and only nominee for president of the Republican Party.

One of Trump’s attorneys is accused of modifying Cohen’s testimony as it relates to the duration of Trump and company’s talks with the aforementioned, unnamed Russians.


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