Farmers Think Trump Uses Them As Trade Talk Pawns


The New York Times got a look at some old transcripts of Trump’s tax returns. And it looks like Trump uses some creative deductions in those returns. His 1985 thru 1994 returns show Trump is not the deal maker he says he is. During that 10-year period, Trump experienced $1.2 billion in losses, according to his tax returns. The losses include his attempt to manage a successful airline shuttle service between Boston, New York, and Washington D.C. as well as his New Jersey casinos.

Trump’s lawyer Charles J. Harder claims the information the Times received is false. That information included a claim that Trump paid no income taxes in eight of those ten years. Harder said IRS information before electronic filing became a thing is not accurate. But according to the former director of research and statistics at the Internal Revenue Service Mark J. Mazur, the IRS transcripts are accurate.

Mr. Trump doesn’t want Congress to see his tax returns for the last five years. Based on the IRS transcripts the Times uncovered, Trump had more losses in that 10-year period than any other taxpayer in the country. The Democrats believe Trump upped his IRS scam over the last ten years.

Plus, Mr. Trump doesn’t want Mueller or Don McGahn to tell Congress what they know about Trump’s attempt to fire Mueller and take over the Mueller investigation. The president said he’ll evoke executive privilege to stop McGahn for telling like it was when he was White House attorney.

Mitch McConnell said the Mueller report is old news. He wants to forget about all the redacted information in the report. That information details how Trump worked with the Russians and how he tried to make his aides break the law. But Mr. Trump can’t stop McGahn from testifying. But if McGahn refuses, he might get a contempt notice just like the contempt charge Bill Barr will get when Congress votes on his unconstitutional attempt to protect the president.

The China trade talks have Trump in a corner. He needs the Chinese to sign the deal, but China keeps changing the deal, according to Reuters. The 150-page trade agreement has as many black marks on it as the Mueller report. Chief U.S. negotiator Bob Lighthizer thinks the Chinese want to prolong the talks in order to put pressure on Trump. Trump’s additional tariff threat doesn’t bother China. They know American consumers pay Trump’s tariffs.

Farmers are losing patience with Trump and his tariffs. If he doesn’t sign a deal that helps them dig out from the financial mess he created, he can kiss their 2020 votes goodbye. They are tired of being Trump pawns, according to the Washington Post.


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