George Conway Calls Trump A Malignant Narcissist


China hasn’t retaliated but they will, according to the Chinese press. Trump decision to raise tariffs from 10 percent to 25 percent on $200 billion Chinese products will get a response from Beijing. The Chinese may devalue their currency to offset the tariffs, according to the Washington Post. They could also sell the American debt they hold.

The trade talks with China are at a standstill. According to several news reports, Trump and President Xi will meet at the G20 summit in June. Mr. Trump wants China to change the way its technology companies do business around the globe. But Xi won’t allow Trump to change the way the government operates, so the trade talks are in limbo.

The Chinese will buy more American products, and they will drop tariffs on American-made vehicles. But they won’t tie Huawei’s hands on the global market just so Trump can declare victory in the global 5G network race. Plus, they won’t sign any agreement unless Trump drops the tariffs.

Iran claims they are ready to go toe-to-toe with the American war fleet Trump sent to the Middle East. One Iranian official told the press the war fleet is not a threat. It’s target practice for Iranian missiles. Mr. Trump sent missile catchers to the Middle East after he heard that comment.

The president is still fuming over the debacle Bolton and Pompeo created in Venezuela. The coup Mike Pence thought would work was a disaster. But during his 90-minute private talk with Putin, Trump let his pal know he doesn’t want to mess their deal up by sending troops to Venezuela.

Senators Adam Schiff and Kamala Harris want to keep the political pressure on Trump. Mr. Schiff said Mueller will testify despite Trump phony executive privilege call. And Harris wants Barr to explain why Rudy Giuliani told the press Trump wants to investigate Joe Biden. Trump claims Biden tried to help his son work a deal in Ukraine when he was vice president.

Washington Attorney George Conway claims Trump is a malignant narcissist who committed the ultimate crime by trying to stop the Mueller report investigation. George claims Trump wants to protect his ego instead of the American people.

Mr. Trump thinks the Mueller report is just about him. But the report is not just about his sketchy actions. The report explains how Russia interfered with the 2016 election. And how Russia helped Trump defeat Clinton. Trump still claims he won the election on his own even though Clinton got three million more votes in 2016.


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