Kamala Harris Would Let Up On Bill Barr


James Comey is on a payback tour. Comey’s friend Bob Mueller wrote a report that confirms what Comey suspected a couple of years ago. Mr. Comey was FBI director before Mr. Trump fired him. Trump got the world Comey was the guy who started the Mueller investigation. Mr. Comey started an FBI investigation in 2016 after Trump campaigner George Papadopoulos told an Australian diplomat the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

When Comey and Trump met behind closed doors, Mr. Trump tested Comey’s loyalty, and he found out Jim played by the rule of law. Some legal experts say Trump committed obstruction of justice in plain sight when he fired Mr. Comey.

Rod Rosenstein, the former deputy attorney general, gave Bob Mueller the job of finding out if Russia interfered with the election. And whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. Mueller’s job was not to indict Trump. His job was to find out if Trump had interactions with the Russians that could indicate there was a deal between Mr. Trump and Russians. Mr. Comey found proof several Trump campaign officials had meetings with Russians, but Mueller couldn’t prove what the underlying motive of the meetings. But some of those officials are in orange jumpsuits now.

Rudy Giuliani and Kellyanne Conway love press attention. Conway still holds campaign rallies on the White House lawn even though she knows that a violation of the Hatch Act. Rudy came up with the stupid idea to get help from the president of Ukraine. Rudy thinks he can get dirt on Biden over there. The White House pulled Rudy’s idea out of play when Trump realized Rudy wants to do what he said he didn’t do. Rudy wants to bring a foreign government into the American governmental decision-making process.

China is sick of Trump’s tariffs and his unreasonable demands. Mr. Trump knows the Chinese would let him interfere with their government. Trump wants China to stop Huawei and other Chinese tech companies from winning the global 5G race. The Chinese told Trump to forget that idea after he raised the tariff percentage.

Senator Kamala Harris won’t let up on Bill Barr now she knows Barr likes to stretch the legal truth to protect the president. Harris thinks Trump asked Barr to investigate his political foes, and that’s not cool. Congress gave Bill a contempt of Congress shout out, but Barr knows that doesn’t mean much in Trumpland.


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