Monroe Trout Leads In Hedge Fund Management


Monroe Trout, 57, is the son of Monroe E. Trout. He was close to his father. Therefore, he drew a lot of knowledge from him. Growing up in New Canaan, Connecticut, he garnered leadership skills from the dad who served at the American Healthcare Systems. As such, Monroe became a trader at the age of 17. His position at the firm set him on the path to hedge fund management. His first role in the industry was entering data from a newspaper to the computer. He started learning more about trading markets.


Monroe Trout attended the Harvard School and studied economics. He joined the basketball team and was a successful player. He was the team’s captain. Under his leadership, they finished third in the Ivy League Team. Trout graduated with magna cum laude. His thesis comprised of the stock index features sector. The paper is prominent in the trading industry. Trout relocated to New York City. He first served on Wall Street. He worked under Victor Niederhoffer, a famous hedge fund manager. Trout also served in the city’s commodity pits. He became prominent in the trading sector because of his valuable profit run. He retained his position as a floor trader too.

Looking at Trout Trading

Trout Trading was formed in 1986. The company majorly focused on contracts besides trading futures. It was situated outside Boulder. The firm was later acquired by the prominent PNC Bank which is a leading advisory firm in the trading sector. Over the years, Trout Trading has been investing in pharmaceuticals, medical technologies, and science technologies. It has also invested in biotechnology. The management is driven to offer the best knowledge to its customers.

Becoming a Successful Trader and Hedge Fund Manager

Monroe Trout moved the firm as well as his family to Bermuda. He established a fund and named it Rand Financial Services, after Ayn Rand. This is a prominent author know for his objective philosophy. Currently, he maintains a low profile. Nonetheless, he offers insight regarding trading. His skills have also been noted in “The New Market Wizards’’, a book based on conversations held with top traders. In the chapters, his work has been highlighted. His interviews and remarks have also been written. A summary of the prudence garnered from these traders is also highlighted in the book. Other than that, Monroe Trout has also been featured in a section of The Variety Pack Market. He became prominent for making huge profits in the trading sector.


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