Rothschild Inc And PG&E Form The Basis Of The Career Of Roger H. Kimmel


The prominent lawyer and attorney, Roger H. Kimmel has been at the top of the international business sector for many years and spans a range of different industrial areas. In recent years, the former partner at the Latham & Watkins law firm has been focusing his work on building his career with the Rothschild Inc. corporation where his legal skills in mergers and acquisitions have pushed him into an executive position. The attorney has not turned his back on the legal profession completely as he has become a popular teacher at the University of Virginia Law School where his class, Into the Boardroom, has become a hit his students.

Moving to Rothschild Inc. group has been an extension of the work Roger Kimmel has been doing for around half a century in guiding his legal clients through the complex business world. Over the course of his legal career with Latham & Watkins which saw him become one of the leading experts in the legal side of mergers & acquisitions. Corporate governance is another area of expertise which has allowed Kimmel to move to the very top of the business side of the legal industry. This complex area of business has been a course of problems for some companies and has been an area Kimmel has used to educate his clients in over the past few years.

Roger H. Kimmel has been willing to place his toes in the waters of many different business areas, including motion picture production and a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Kimmel has used his skills in these areas to bring success to companies which are struggling to find success and enhance the options for those who may feel they have already reached the top of their chosen profession. As a well-known business leader, Roger Kimmel has been working to build his career and business portfolio to include a range of investments such as software development and nutrition companies.

Kimmel is always looking to find new ways of giving back to the groups he has come into contact with over the course of his life and career. This is shown by his willingness to take a teaching role at The University of Virginia’s Law School which sees him bring his experience as a business leader to the respected academic institution. Teaching the class, “Into the Boardroom”, allows Roger H. Kimmel to draw on all his experience as an attorney and investment specialist and guide his students through the complex world of business law.


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