Senator Schiff Claims Mueller Will Testify


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it best when she told the press Trump will do anything to get elected. She even said Trump might not leave office even if he loses. That’s a page out of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro’s playbook.

Pelosi and other centrist wannabes would love Kamala Harris to be on the 2020 ticket with Joe Biden. Harris would be able to bring Joe back to the present when he starts talking about all his sketchy political accomplishments. But Harris might object to that scenario. Playing second fiddle to a “don’t know when to stop capitalistic cheerleader” is not where he head is at right now.

Some news reports claim Beto O’Rourke has an identity crisis going on. He’s got climate change on his mind, but not much else, according to the Washington Post. But Kamala is still in the mix. Harris wants to give Barr the full-court legal press for lying to Congress. She also knows Trump has Barr doing some campaign dirty work. She’s not going to let some Republican legal pirate like Mr. Barr get away with all that.

Don Trump Jr. can’t decide whether he’ll give Senator Richard Burr the finger or just send him a Plead-the-Fifth note. Trump Sr. doesn’t want any of his kids to wear orange jumpsuits before he gets a chance to make a deal on a dozen shirts or so. Don Jr. gave Congress the bird when he lied about his involvement in the Trump Tower Moscow caper. He told Congress he was asleep most of 2016, so he knew little about the project. Michael Cohen told Congress Trump Jr. was in ten meetings with him about the Trump Tower Moscow Project.

Congresswomen Tlaib’s supporters gave her a thumbs up when she said the country is under the control of a psychopathic CEO. Capitalism is Trump’s weak suit although he claims he knows how to play the game. But he’s the one telling tales out of school about the trade talks with China because the Chinese won’t play his way. And he is the one who believes China will pay those tariffs when consumers and businesses will pay. Trump’s tariffs will cost consumers $800 more a year.

Mr. Trump wants Mueller and his report to disappear, but that won’t happen. Senator Adam Schiff expects Mueller to testify despite Trump executive privilege claim. Mueller’s report is public knowledge, and that disqualifies Trump from using that tool to hide his dastardly deeds.


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