Tillerson Told Congress Putin Made Trump Look like a Dumb Ass in the Meeting He Attended


Don Jr. thought this would be a good time to get his new book in front of the public. He’ll get a chance to tell the world how his dad molded him in his image and how Ivanka loves she’s the female version of her daddy. Don Jr. and Ivanka needed some good press these days, but Papa Trump told the family to stay undercover until he figures out how he got into this investigation nightmare.

Mr. Trump set the bar too high for China. Trump wants them to stop funding tech companies and messing with their currency. President Xi told Trump he could block all the rare earths that computers, smartphones, and other tech gadgets need to operate. China has more rare earths than any other country on the planet. Mr. Trump blocked Huawei and Xi might block Trump from the rare earths U.S. tech companies need if Trump doesn’t calm down.

China did tell Trump they were ready to talk now that the Commerce Department won’t enforce the Huawei ban until August 19. But the Chinese want the president to reduce the tariffs, and they want more respect from Trump, according to the Washington Post.

The Chinese watched Trump disrespect Kim Jon Un in Hanoi. The side-eye and walk away by Mr. Trump was a sign he doesn’t understand the nature of negotiating with people with yellow skin. White skin people rule in Trump’s world. But the Chinese won’t allow Trump to change their policies to appease him.

Nancy Pelosi scored another punch to the Trumpster’s inflamed ego when she said he has cover-up seeping out of his yellow-tainted pores. Nancy told the press Trump’s latest temper tantrum over infrastructure was almost as weird as his government shutdown hissy fit. He didn’t expect that kind of mobster talk from Nancy. He told the press he can’t do an infrastructure deal with Nancy. Trump didn’t like her cover-up remark. But Republican Senator Justin Amash really got Trump worked up. The Trumpster came in hot when a Justin tweet sanctioned a Trump impeachment. Amash said he read the Mueller report, and Trump is all things he claims he isn’t.

But when Rex Tillerson sat in front of Congress for hours and talked foreign policy with a group of Democrats it was clear. Tillerson was right when he said Trump’s a moron. Rex told lawmakers the meeting he attended with Putin and Trump was a joke. Trump didn’t study his mobster playbook before the meeting, so Putin gave the Trumpster a lesson in Russian mobster tactics.


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