Trump Administration Announces a New Immigration Plan



Late on Thursday the New York Times reported that the Trump administration would unveil a new plan that targeted the immigration system. The new system would overhaul the way the system works imposing new measures that would limit the number of people crossing the United States boarders. This would also see the requirements for the people entering the United States changed with more emphasis on skills and education. According to administration officials the new system will emphasis on the educational level of the people entering the US rather than family ties as it’s the case at the moment. In the past people living in the US can sponsor their spouses and children to join them in the United States. The officials said that the new plan will see the opportunities granted to people who possessed specific skills as long they can speak good English and also prove that they have the required academic papers. Also, they must pass a civics test to be allowed to work in America. However, the previous two predecessors of Mr. Trump failed in the same issue when they tried to harmonize a bipartisan consensus when it comes to immigration. Both Barack Obama and George W. Bush failed in their push to overhaul the immigration system.

Nothing has changed since the last administration tried to change the policy and the divisions have even worsened. The New York Times suggested that the broad outlines will even be unpopular with the US lawmakers as some of the agenda requires the construction of a boarder wall. This means that the Democrats will definitely oppose the agenda. The outline will also face opposition from the democrats as they have always advocated for the family based system that the new outline now wants to abolish. The fact that the new proposal does not take care of undocumented immigrants commonly known as the Dreamers is another reason why the democrats will oppose the agenda. The new plan will not be seeking to reduce the number of people entering the United States as it has always been the agenda of the current administration. Frank Sharry has been working on bipartisan legislation for the last two decades and he says that this plan is dead on arrival. He even laments that this plan will get fewer votes than the one that received 39 votes last year. He says that there is no way the plan will get support from the democrats and at the same time it does not unite the Republicans.


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