Trump Wants To Hogtie Mueller But He Can’t


Bernie Sanders has Wall Street worried. When he explained his Medicaid-for-All plan during a recent campaign stop, the audience of Republicans and Democrats said they want that plan. Health insurance stocks tumble like bowling pins after investors realized Bernie’s plan will eliminate a big chunk of the insurance vultures who always seem to be picky eaters when it comes to paying health insurance claims.

The Stock market took another nosedive when Trump said he’s tariff-happy again. Chinese negotiators won’t agree to Trump’s terms, so they might not show up for the next round of meetings. The Dow dropped by 450 points when the president said he’ll slap another 35 percent on the 10 percent tariff he has on $200 billion Chinese-made products. He also said if that doesn’t get the Chinese to do what he wants he’ll add a tariff on $300 billion more made-in-China products.

Even though Biden turned into the frontrunner overnight, his agenda is still corporate friendly. He wants to tweak Obamacare. If he does, the insurance companies won’t take a major it. Biden still has Democrat-bloodsucking capitalism running through his veins, according to some liberal Democrats. Sanders has an agenda that negates what Trump started and then some, according to people who “Feel the Burn.” Biden just wants to get rid of Trump, and then it’s business like the old days, according to a Washington Post article.

Ben Netanyahu finally put his weapons away now that Trump has an aircraft carrier on the way to the Middle East. Netanyahu and Trump want to get rid of the regime in Iran. Ben wants to stir the pot and annex the Golan Heights, and Trump wants to beat the war drum. He’ll be able to talk about stopping Iran’s aggression and overthrowing Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela if the CIA can ever get their act straight and put on a coup that gets tyrannical Maduro out of office.

Trump’s infrastructure agreement with Pelosi and Schumer is another campaign ploy, according to ex-governor and ABC News contributor Chris Christy. A $2 trillion budget would produce a lot of jobs and higher wages. Infrastructure along with a strong economy might keep Trump if on office, according to Christy.

But Trump still has to block all the investigations in order to put on a grand performance that wins more votes. If Bob Mueller testifies before Congress in an open venue, Trump’s no collusion, no obstruction claim will lose a lot of its luster with Trumpians. Trump wants to hogtie Mueller, but he needs Barr’s help. Barr already told Congress Mueller can tell the real story to the American people.


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