Who Is Justin Theroux


Many people know Justin Theroux because he is the former husband of Friends actress Jennifer Aniston and the nephew of famed travel essayist, Paul Theroux. Justin is not only surrounded by intriguing people, but is a fascinating and creative person in his own right.

Justin is an eclectic actor, chasing low-key roles. He starred in the critically acclaimed series The Leftovers, as well as had memorable guest appearances in Parks and Recreation, Six Feet Under and Alias. He even had a cameo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. One show he did turn down was Friends. He was offered to test for the screen pilot, but turned NBC down. He was even in the Muse music video for “Hysteria.”

Justin is also a screenwriter. He actually prefers to write than act because there is more creative control. He also finds writing harder than acting, but the final result is always more satisfying for him. His mom was a writer for the Washington Post and that may have influence his respect for writing. He has co-written screenplays including Tropic Thunder,Zoolander 2 and Iron Man 2.

Justin is a vegetarian. He has even starred in PETA campaigns. He likes to bike around New York City, eschewing cars. Justin enjoys living in New York City and the artistic vibe of the city. He promotes rescuing dogs and walks the city streets with his own rescue.

Justin enjoys hanging out with other writers and artists of all mediums. This makes sense as he is an artsy type of guy himself. He graduated from college with a degree in visual arts and drama. His artistic abilities are vast. In Zoolander, he played the evil dj and break danced across the screen. He may be practicing his moves at home as he is a big fan of 90s hip hop.

One of the most unlikely friendships that Justin has is with several members of the new Queer Eye team. He confessed that binge watched the Netflix show and soon was inviting a few members of the team, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, and Antoni Porowski, over for for Easter quiche dinner. He is still waiting for a makeover of his abode and his wardrobe. Right now, nothing has happened, but he is still hoping that they will update both.


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