Mysterious Objects Reported In The Sky By The Navy


Due to the increase in the number of UFO reports being made across the country, the federal government has increased their response time to claims that are made as well as the details that they are giving out. These sightings aren’t by everyday citizens. They are by United States Navy pilots who have claimed to see objects in the sky that they just can’t explain. Officials working in the Pentagon have even briefed President Trump about the matter, preparing him for the influx of information that he could receive in the near future.

Within the time frame of about two weeks, several senators received briefs about the sightings and what the government plans to do about the claims by pilots that continue to be made. Most of the pilots who have seen UFOs in the sky are from the Naval Air Station located in Virginia. In April, the US Navy made the decision to give pilots a new procedure to follow if they see anything in the sky that they can’t explain or that shouldn’t be there at the time. These details will allow the US Navy and the government to better track the sightings and monitor where they are seen, comparing them to past sightings to determine if there’s a pattern.

There have been dozens of reports made by US Navy pilots who claim that they have seen objects while flying that aren’t on the flight path or that aren’t registered to fly at the time. Government officials want to know exactly what the pilots are seeing. While it could be weather balloons or private pilots flying without turning in a flight plan, it’s also possible that the crafts could be something that the government needs to explain in more detail. In May, five pilots spoke with a media outlet about their experience seeing several objects in just the past two to three years. They have seen objects that don’t appear to have an engine and that seem to hover in the sky before quickly disappearing.


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