New York Could Be First State To Make Declawing House Cats Illegal


There are many millions of cats across the United States. For hundreds of years, people have removed cats’ claws, particularly house cats held as pets, to reduce the potential bodily harm or damage to objects stemming from strikes made by cats against humans. A majority of house cats in the United States have been declawed, a statistic shared with several other countries around the world.

As part of the recent rash of state-level bills regarding ethical issues passing state legislative bodies and governors’ desks in the United States, New York could soon be the first state to make declawing cats of all kinds illegal.

New York politicians and others in support of outlawing cat declawing believe that the procedure of declawing is unethical and shouldn’t be legally allowed. Humans, for example, do not have any tendons or nerves attached to out fingernails. Cats, on the other hand, do. Even though people would largely object to human nails being removed, many across the United States don’t feel the same about protecting cats from having their claws surgically removed.

Under the bill, which was passed by the New York Legislature, the highest legislative body in the state, on Tuesday, June 4, 2019, veterinarians licensed to practice in New York would be billed $1,000 for every instance of declawing cats that they are found guilty of.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, is expected to make a decision on the bill in the next few days. Governor Cuomo’s representatives haven’t publicly shared whether he plans on signing the passed bill into action or not.

Many countries in Europe have long made cat declawing illegal. In the United States, the first unit of government at any level to attempt to outlaw cat declawing was the city of West Hollywood, a municipality within the city of Los Angeles, California, which was kicked into action back in 2003.

New York Legislature politicians who were responsible for passing the bill forward to the governor’s desk have faced widespread pressure from people who aren’t in support of relaxing regulations regarding abortions of human fetuses, as they consider it hypocritical for a government to support aborting fetuses, which are thought by these anti-abortion policy supporters to have more value than living cats – or living humans, for that matter.

The California cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as Denver, Colorado, are three of the largest cities across the nation to have already outlawed the removal of cats’ claws.


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