Ohio Physician Indicted On 25 Murder Charges And Arrested, Pleads Not Guilty


An Ohio doctor was recently indicted by a state-level grand jury on 25 counts of murder resulting from the doctor’s alleged improper administration of the opioid painkiller fentanyl, one of the most potent opioids available as a pharmaceutical in the United States.

Dr. William Husel pleaded not guilty to all of the 25 aforementioned counts, which were handed down by the Franklin County Grand Jury. Dr. Husel pled not guilty to the counts of murder earlier today, on Wednesday, June 5, 2019.

Husel’s defense attorney shared with the court and with news publications that the physician did not purposefully kill any of the 25 people he was charged with taking the lives of.

The judge presiding over the case set William Husel’s bail at a whopping one million dollars. Ron O’Brien, the Ohio prosecutor tasked with pursuing the 25 counts of murder against the alleged perpetrator, Dr. Husel, asked the unlicensed physician to voluntarily hand over his passport, a request that the 43-year-old doctor complied with.

These 25 charges collectively make up one of the most substantive criminal cases against an American physician in the history of the United States.

According to prosecutor Ron O’Brien, Husel allegedly gave the patients he took the lives of fentanyl in doses ranging from one-half of a milligram to two milligrams, doses that are large enough to cease breathing in patients, also known as respiratory depression, one of the most direct causes of detaining people who overdose on the synthetic, highly-potent opioid.

O’Brien further stated that the doses “shortened their [lives]” and either quickened their ultimate deaths or directly caused them.

William Husel was removed from his role as a physician at the Columbus, Ohio-based Mount Carmel Health System hospital at the end of last year, in Dec. 2018. Shortly after, his medical license was taken away by state authorities. These two happenings took place as a result of allegations of the aforementioned murders being spread across Mount Carmel Health System administrators, physicians, and other staff members.

The Mount Carmel Health System felt forced to report and fire all of the medical professionals who either dispensed fentanyl and other medications prescribed by William Husel or who otherwise administered such medicine or took care of Husel’s patients.

A total of 48 pharmacists and nurses were reported to relevant state boards. 30 of them were placed on indefinite leave. 18 were either fired from their positions or quit them.


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