Pelosi Asked Trump To Call Off The ICE Raids


President Trump decided not to strike Iran after the Iranians downed a U.S. spy drone. Trump wanted his fighter jets to teach Iran a lesson, but 10 minutes before the planned attack against Iran, Trump backed down, according to the New York Times. Mr. Trump said his revenge attack would waste 150 Iranians, and he didn’t want that to happen. But Trump attended a briefing before he gave the military the green light to attack, so he knew beforehand that 150 Iranians would perish.

Mr. Trump said the Times article was fake news. He never stopped the attack because he never gave the order, according to a recent article in The Hill. Mr. Trump said the Times was wrong even though he told the media he did stop the attack. Mr. Trump said more sanctions is his answer to the drone downing, not a military strike even though he said a military strike against Iran is still on the table.

Russia, China, Japan, the European Union, and England are against Trump’s plan to missile-crush Iran. Mr. Putin said Trump would be crazy to bomb Iran. Putin told the press the fallout from a military strike would destroy the global economy.

President Xi wants Trump to stop bullying Iran. And he wants Trump to sit down with Kim Jon Un and get the North Korean situation under control. President Xi met with Kim to discuss how Mr. Kim should handle Trump going forward, and it appears China has Kim’s back in his quest to get sanction relief from Mr. Trump. Putin also wants Trump to ease sanctions if Kim promises to gradually denuke his country.

Kim Jon Un said he recently received a “beautiful letter” from Mr. Trump without saying what Trump said in the letter. Trump told the media he received a “beautiful letter” from Mr. Kim a few weeks ago, but the contents of Kim’s letter are still a mystery. Obviously, Trump and Kim have some deal in the works, but Trump won’t say what it is until he meets with President Xi at the G20 Summit. Trump also wants to talk to Putin when he attends the summit.

Mr. Trump was ready to send ICE to ten cities to weed out illegal immigrants in order to show his voter base he has a handle on the immigration situation. Nancy Pelosi called Trump and asked him to call off the ICE raids for two weeks. She wants to sit down with the president and work out a solution to the immigration debacle.


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