Prince Harry Gives Trump The Royal Cold Shoulder


House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff is in full court press mode now that Mueller didn’t follow some of the money signs that pointed to Trump’s relationship with the Russians. According to Mr. Schiff, Mueller had a narrow focus. He achieved his goals, but there are still questions. The Russians interfered with the 2016 election, and he found no collusion with the Russians on Trump’s part, but Schiff thinks there’s more to the Russia-Trump story.

Mr. Schiff finds it hard to believe Trump didn’t collude with the Russians during the 2016 campaign. He had Russian connections. He planned to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Putin had to approve that plan in order to make it happen.

According to a former Deutsche Bank specialist, one or more of Trump’s bank accounts set off the money laundering alarm in 2017, and bank executives ignored the specialist. Trump owed the bank millions, and the executives didn’t want Trump to tell them to stick his loans where the sun don’t shine.

Schiff just put a panel together to discuss the Mueller report and to determine what questions Mueller didn’t ask about Trump and his Russian connections. Mr. Schiff thinks some members of the Republican Party turned into Trump’s cult, so the panel won’t include those folks. Schiff told the press Republicans who follow Trump don’t follow the constitution.

Some Republicans are on the verge of telling Trump he can’t put tariffs on Mexican products. According to government economists, tariffs on Mexico and China products would have a serious impact on Gross Domestic Product growth. Trump seems to be on a mission to throw the United States into a recession next year.

Trump wants Americans to boycott AT&T because CNN tells the truth about him. But it’s not just CNN that get on Trump’s nerves. The Brits did a great job bashing Trump after he felt like he could rule England after seeing how strange Charles acts. The Royals showed Trump what old money looks like. And he fell for that outstanding performance by the Queen and Charles. Obviously, they softened Trump up, so he would help England if the country exits the EU without a deal. Mr. Trump told the British press England should walk out and tell the EU to forget about the millions of dollars they owe them.

Prince Harry didn’t want to be on the same planet as Trump after the president called Meghan Markle “nasty.” Harry walked with Ivanka during the Palace visit and chatted with her while the rest of the family were licking Trump’s Johnston and Murphy wingtips. Markle didn’t show either. She’s been throwing shade at Trump for years.


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