Republican Senators Are Happy Mexico Gave Trump the Win


Mr. Trump knows he can’t hide from the New York Times. The Times constantly finds a story that would blow the political and legal socks off a normal president. But as the Times points out, Donald Trump isn’t normal in any way. When the Times published an article about his recent Mexican victory, Trump’s tweets about Fake News got stronger.

The New York Times article pointed out the fact that all the edicts Trump said he put on the table for Mexico were on the table months ago. Mr. Trump found a way to use the agreement to send Mexican troops to its border with Guatemala and holding immigrants in Mexico until Trump lets them in the country as a campaign victory.

But according to attorney George Conway, the husband of Trumpian Kellyanne Conway, Trump is a pitiful excuse for a president. Conway thinks Trump is mentally ill. He won’t be able to hold down a job in any industry in the shape he is in now, according to George.

Putin and Xi are now besties thanks to Trump’s trade and tech wars. Putin told the press Trump is a tariff warmonger, and that behavior needs to stop.

President Xi still hasn’t responded to Trump’s invitation to meet at the G20 Summit. According to the Chinese press, President Xi won’t talk to Trump unless he calms down, and he stops asking Steve Mnuchin to threaten China.

Mr. Mnuchin fueled the trade war fire by telling China they needed to make a deal in Japan or Trump’s tariff hammer would crush another sector of the U.S. and China’s economy. Steve just came back from that London getaway Trump arranged for all the Trumpians who aren’t afraid to walk all over the constitution.

North Korea jumped into Trump bashing mode when Kim called Trump an untrustworthy criminal. Then the government news agency called Mr. Trump an economic terrorist. North Korea thinks Trump wants to bring China down. But now that Putin has China’s back, Kim feels like he’s next in line to create a little turmoil.

Republican Senators are happy Mexico gave Trump the win. Several Senators were ready to jump off the Trump tariff train if he imposed tariffs on Mexico. The Republicans know they have to stick together in spite of Trump’s economic blunders now that Pelosi and company have several hearings scheduled. Nancy wants the people to hear what’s in the Mueller report now that Bill Barr is a card-carrying Trumpian.


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