Revolutionizing Temporary Living with Barbara Stokes


Green Structure Homes of Alabama operates out of the city of Huntsville, under the ownership and guidance of CEO, Barbara Stokes, and her husband, the COO, Scott Stokes. The company that has revolutionized temporary living units for natural disaster victims was founded in 2008 and has been growing ever since. Green Structure Homes with corporate office in Huntsville, Alabama, is now one of the top construction contractors in the reconstruction of disaster areas after a large-scale, storm, flood, fire, or tornado.

barbara stokes


Barbara Stokes, founder, and CEO brought a well-rounded set of skills to the company. With a background in engineering and physics from Mercer College, in Macon Georgia. Before founding Green Structured Homes (GSH), Stokes worked for Pisces Corp, as well as Boeing. Both of these positions gave her great insight into government contract work, and her degrees in engineering and physics offered an excellent foundation for construction work. The COO of Green Structure Homes, Scott Stokes, worked as an on-demand pilot, flying several different types of aircraft for private clients. He also brings an engineering background to his role as COO.


Green Structure Homes of Alabama has the corporate capability to create and deliver safe, efficient, durable, and comfortable temporary homes for those suffering from a natural disaster. Green Structure Homes’ temporary living units, called MHUs, are built to accommodate displacement victims for a more extended period, that better suits the needs of people after losing their home. This means sturdier, safer structures that can last much longer than a year. These units offer a feeling of safety to those having just had their home destroyed. They’re also equipped with smoke detectors and have built-in sprinkler systems to prevent fires. Most importantly, the MHU’s made by Green Structure Homes are designed to make the people in them feel like they have a “real home.” They’re equipped with kitchens and furniture that can be arranged any which way. Nothing is bolted down. There’s also full baths and storage space for towels, linens, and other precious belongings.

When Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast in August of 2017, Green Structure Homes stepped up to help and show what they can do in the face of such vast destruction. After the storm sat over and flooded Houston for two weeks straight, thousands were left homeless. Green Structure Homes (GSH) rose to the occasion and built homes for thousands of Harvey victims. With a dedication to quality and compassion, GSH’s efforts redeemed the shortfalls that occurred after Katrina and began a new path for disaster relief for victims.



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