Trump Throws Europe Under His Iranian Crushing Bus


The president can’t get over Jeff Sessions. Jeff was one of the first Republican Senators to lick Trump’s dirty-dealing wingtips when Trump started his quest to be president. Sessions was an avid Trump campaign supporter. Jeff attended a meeting or two with Russians who had connections to the Kremlin during the campaign, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Sessions knew enough about the law to recuse himself when Special Counsel Robert Mueller started investigating Trump and his Russian connections. When Trump found out Jeff didn’t want to get involved in the investigation, Trump told his aides his presidency was over. Mr. Trump thought Sessions would run defense for him in the Justice Department, But Jeff wanted to save his own political ass by stepping away from the investigation.

Mr. Trump still beats on Sessions if he has the chance. He recently told Chuck Todd naming Sessions attorney general was a huge mistake. In a long list of cabinet mistakes, Jeff stands out for not following Trump’s chaotic script. Mr. Trump blames Sessions for the Mueller report.

Kellyanne Conway is in trouble. A special counsel investigated the alleged Hatch Act violations Kellyanne keeps making when she does interviews. Conway likes to campaign for the president when she is in front of the cameras, and that violates the Hatch Act. The Congressional Oversight Committee wants to talk to Conway, but Kellyanne hasn’t accepted the Congressional invitation yet.

Mike Pence feels left out of Trump’s real inner circle even though Pence is one of Trump’s biggest public supporters. But in private, Pence is not just team Trump. Pence wants to be president in 2024. But Trump said he won’t throw his support behind Pence yet. Mike’s messed up a few important missions, so Trump isn’t that thrilled with Mike. In fact, Trump continues to throw shade at Mike behind closed doors, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Trump is in over his head in his battle with Iran. The rest of the world thinks Trump is a knee-jerk leader who wants to crush Iran’s religious-based government. Mike Pompeo and John Bolton are the instigators of the Iran debacle. But Mr. Trump stopped listening to those two warmongers before he sent the military into Iran to do his dirty work.

Trump told the press he doesn’t care what happens to Europe during his war with Iran. Mr. Trump continues to throw Europe under his nationalistic bus. The president claims Europe takes advantage of the United States. He wants to stop the Europeans from being so two-faced when it comes to supporting him. Most European leaders think Trump is a joke, but some leaders still kiss his butt in front of the cameras.


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