Alcohol Found To Be Cause Of Death For Nearly 20 Costa Rican Tourists


Although not everybody is able to afford the luxury of traveling, some countries’ inhabitants are more readily able to afford such trips than their less-wealthy counterparts. Of the world’s most frequent travelers, most such countries take their residence in the Western world, such as the United States, for example.

As a matter of fact, the United States’ citizenry, as a whole, is one of the most prolific travelers on the face of planet Earth.

When it comes to taking international trips for United States citizens, one of the most popular international destinations is Costa Rica, a small country located in the middle of Central America, linking together the countries of Nicaragua and Panama. Although there are plenty of reasons that explain why Americans are so attracted to visiting the Central American mainstay of Costa Rica so often, one of the most well-accepted reasons is that Costa Rica is full of exotic flora and fauna.

Further, people love exercising in Costa Rica thanks to its mountainous, rain-forested landscape, not to mention the several volcanoes that the Central American country is home to. Americans thoroughly enjoy going mountain biking throughout high-up, mountainous terrain, not to mention simply going hiking through these same areas and camping overnight.

In the past year to year-and-a-half, several foreigners, particularly those from the Western world – even worse, most of these travelers hail from the United States – have been reported dead while vacationing in Costa Rica. This topic is of objectively high concern to Costa Rica’s Costa Rican Tourism Board, which estimates that some three million foreigners travel through the Central American nation every year for the sole purpose of taking vacations. As a matter of fact, according to the Costa Rican Tourism Board, the number of United States citizens who traveled to the country in a year’s time dropped for the very first time in nearly 10 years – to be specific, this number has increased every year since 2009.

Although the Costa Rican and United States governments haven’t had much success in pinning down exactly why these deaths have occurred, they have, in fact, managed to pin down the cause of some 19 deaths of people in Costa Rica, most of whom were travelers.

These 19 people died from consuming methanol, a deadly byproduct that distillers are supposed to remove from alcohol before distributing it, according to Costa Rican officials in a recent report.


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