Animal Shelter Plans For Adoptions Ahead Of Area 51 Event


Thousands of people across social media pages have heard about and responded to the Area 51 event that could occur. After hearing about the plans to storm the property, owners of an Oklahoma animal shelter have asked that people storm their facility so that they can take home one of the many animals available for adoption. The goal is to give as many animals as possible a home so that they are safe from whatever happens at Area 51.

The shelter took to social media to let everyone know about the animals that need to be rescued and that it’s not too difficult to help. There are about 150 dogs available for adoption and over 50 cats that need safe and loving homes. The shelter is even joining in the fun of the Area 51 idea by adding a few pictures of UFOs and other galactic details to the images of the animals that are available for adoption. The animals even have tin foil hats on their heads in some of the pictures so that they are safe from any kind of interaction with aliens that could occur as a result of Area 51 being stormed.

Although the animal shelter started the adoption event as a fun way to bring awareness to the many animals that need homes, almost $2,000 has been raised to help with adoption fees and basic needs. The shelter hopes that more people will donate or even visit the shelter to see the animals and take one home. The Area 51 event organizer has over 1 million people following the page created on social media. After it started as a joke, some have dedicated their time to post details about how to storm the facility. The animal shelter hopes that those who plan to go or even those who stay at home might feel just a little safer if they have a good guard dog around the house or a cat that likes to chase things away.


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