Bayer Announces Need For 500 Workers In The Greater St. Louis Area


Bayer AG, one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations on planet Earth, recently announced that it would soon be injecting some 500 positions to Creve Coeur, Missouri, which is part of the greater St. Louis area.

Further, according to an announcement made by Bayer AG yesterday, on Tuesday, July 16, 2019, the company plans on pumping investments to the tune of some $164 million into its existing Creve Coeur facilities.

Right now, according to Missouri Governor Mike Parson, Bayer has showed commitment to its previous promises to keep open its needs for what its 4,400-odd workers spread throughout the greater St. Louis area produce. Other Missouri state officials have indicated that the average salary of the 500-odd positions that are to be brought to Creve Coeur is roughly $110,000.

This information comes from a meeting between Missouri Governor Parson and Bayer’s Chief Executive Officer, Werner Baumann, at a European trade convention held just last moth, in June 2019.

According to Lisa Safarian, the President of Bayer’s commercial operations throughout North America, the company was better able to call for so many jobs throughout St. Louis in the coming months thanks, in part, to the closing down of Bayer’s crop science headquarters for all of North America that was most recently operated out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Further, Safarian said that some of the jobs called for in St. Louis, Missouri, will come partly from North Carolina’s Bayer facility closure and brand-new positions not held by workers at Bayer’s facilities in Raleigh.

North Carolina’s Cary is also home to a Bayer campus, where some of the company’s environmental science business is carried out.

Roughly one-half of a year ago, in Nov. 2018, Bayer shared with the world that it would soon slim down its workforce by roughly 10 percent, or about 12,000 jobs, in other words. At the time, the Germany-based company didn’t indicate a planned move from its Raleigh-based operations to those in Creve Coeur.

Prior to announcing its need for more jobs in St. Louis yesterday, decision-makers at Bayer had long been in talks with municipal and state politicians in St. Louis and several municipalities on the East Cost.

The majority of the aforementioned $164 million in investments will be allocated to the improvement of its current facility’s buildings in order to host the 500-some new employees that will be hired by Bayer.


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