Celebrating Pride Across The World


As thousands of people gathered across the country to celebrate and acknowledge the LGBTQ community, numerous pictures were taken of the activities and the messages that were delivered about the reason why so many stand up for pride. Large pride flags in a rainbow of colors were draped on lamp posts and carried through the streets in cities from San Francisco to New York. Dozens made a statement as they laid on the ground to bring awareness to the trans women who have lost their lives.

Groups carried balloons in a rainbow of colors as they walked from one street to another in large cities. They weren’t yelling and being rude about getting their message across. The people in the images posted online after the pride event have smiles on their faces and want to spread love and joy instead of hate. They want all people to be looked at in the same manner instead of the LGBTQ community being hated or often shunned by others. Groups in Africa gathered to celebrate pride as well with people wearing colorful headdresses and clothing.

Those who live in Milan held a parade to acknowledge the LGBTQ community. Dozens stood on balconies to wave rainbow flags as people passed by on the street underneath. Pride Day was full of laughter, balloons, floats, and a wealth of information. Many cities transformed into what appeared to be carnivals as they had food trucks, large 18-wheelers with floats, and live music. Bands played drums while others danced in the streets. Images display a sea of color on clothes, shoes, faces, and products sold across the country. The celebration marked the end of a month dedicated to bringing awareness to the LGBTQ community and how they are people like anyone else. The only difference is in who they love and who they want to be in life, which is the message the celebrations tried to acknowledge.


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