Disney Releases First Teaser Trailer for Live-Action Mulan Remake


On Sunday (July 7), Disney unveiled their first official trailer for the upcoming Mulan live-action remake. The new film will star Yifeu Lu in the title role of the quiet daughter who ultimately becomes a heroic warrior.

As reported by Gizmodo, the first Mulan trailer is just 90 seconds long but has the look of a period film. It shows off beautiful scenery full of vivid colors and Mulan’s military training. There are also hints of what is to come in terms of the epic fights and battles she’ll be a part of.

The story of Mulan involves Hua Mulan. After the emperor puts out a decree in which one male from each family must serve in the Imperial Army during a Northern invasion, Mulan takes the role, portraying a male so her sick father is spared. She undergoes plenty of challenges along the way but becomes a heralded warrior who garners respect from her family and nation.

The original animated Disney film Mulan arrived in 1998. With a budget of approximately $90 million, the movie went on to make over $300 million total. It starred Ming-Na Wen, Eddie Murphy, and George Takei, among others as part of its star voice actor cast.

The newer film is meant to be a loose adaption of the animated film but more of a truer retelling of the original tale about Mulan. It was originally a Chinese poem created by Guo Maoqian set in Northern Wei era of 386-536 BC. A live-action version of the story was released in 2009 with a run time of 113 minutes and with Mandarin dialogue.

The animated version of Mulan ranks amongst the top 15 in terms of box office revenue for Disney films. It’s not quite as possible as 1992’s Aladdin, but a new live-action version could bring more fans to check out the story just based on the trailer. The latest live-action treatment comes on the heels of several other Disney forays into adapting their animated films to newer versions for the screen.

Dumbo didn’t quite do as well as expected at the box office, but a version of Aladdin starring Will Smith as the genie went on to earn over $900 million in revenue. There will be a newly-updated version of The Lion King hitting theaters on July 19. It isn’t a live-action remake, but instead a version with CGI animals and voice actors taking on the roles of the creatures.

Based on Aladdin, and the hype surrounding The Lion King, it could bode well for a Mulan film at the box office. See the entire trailer here at YouTube. The Disney live-action remake of Mulan officially arrives in theaters on March 27, 2020.


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