2019 Pure Beauty Global Awards Winner of Best New Male Hair Product: RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment by Jeunesse Global


The RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment by Jeunesse Global took home the top honor in the Best New Male Hair Product category at the 2019 Pure Beauty Global Awards. The announcement was made in April 2019 at an invitation-only awards ceremony. Leaders of Jeunesse, the global health and beauty makers of the winning RVL product, were on-hand to graciously accept this coveted honor.

The winners of the 2019 Pure Beauty Global Awards were chosen by a panel of international judges. These well-respected leaders from throughout the beauty industry included esteemed make-up artists, male grooming specialists, hairdressers, retail experts, over-the-counter beauty product suppliers, and product manufacturers. Tasked with analyzing the numerous qualified entries, each judge used their specific knowledge and strengths along with their extensive background and experience to determine which were the most deserving of the nominees.

RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment faced stiff competition but was ultimately victorious in the Best New Male Hair Product category, which spanned across a vast array of products. Entrants into the wide-ranging category covered a variety of newly introduced male hair care products that were aimed at male markets, including styling and hair management items as well as electrical styling tools.

Let the Ceremony Begin

The international branch of the Pure Beauty Awards, aptly named the Pure Beauty Global Awards, distinguishes and applauds outstanding brands and products on a global scale. The visually stunning art-deco themed ceremony was held at the elite Four Seasons Resort at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. The host of the evening was Layne Redman, a British television actor, writer, and presenter. In a room filled with numerous beauty industry experts and insiders, this marked his second time presiding over the Pure Beauty Global Awards.

The best-of-the-best in the beauty industry was recognized and commended at this affair. Along with an abundance of industry insiders, the chosen nominees and panel of judges were also present to witness the newest and most promising members in the field of beauty. Like the innovative champions of the other categories, RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment was acknowledged for its superiority as an exciting product that had been launched within the past year.

The 2019 Pure Beauty Global Awards had a record number of entries from across the world for inclusion in over 30 categories, all focused on the latest and greatest innovators in the industry. Criteria for judging each product included overall functionality, product usability, effectiveness, innovation, packaging, and special selling points.

Four new awards made their inaugural debut in 2019, including Best New Skin Care Treatment, Best New Natural Face Product, Best New Inclusive Beauty Product or Collection, and Best Influencer Brand or Collection.

The category groups for 2019 included the following:

  • Male Grooming (containing the Award for Best New Male Hair Product)
  • Skin
  • Natural and Organic
  • Hair Care
  • Electrical
  • Body Care
  • Colour Cosmetics
  • Fragrance
  • Brand Innovation

Not Jeunesse’s First Rodeo

Jeunesse Global

The 2019 Pure Beauty Global Award for Best New Male Hair Care Product is just one of the most recent honors received by Jeunesse for their effective products. They have stayed true to their mission of providing superior quality and excellence when developing each product, and this commitment has been recognized throughout the beauty community. Along with industry praise, the company has collected a variety of rave reviews, professional awards, and acknowledgments in recent years. Even seasoned and well-established brands cannot boast some of these accomplishments.

After the RVL product line was released in September of 2018, it quickly gained quite a following on the international stage. While this pioneering RVL line is a relative newbie in the global arena of products, the company itself was founded over a decade ago. Since its inception, Jeunesse Global’s primary goal has been to create positively impactful, high-quality products meant to empower people everywhere to look and feel younger. They have consistently reached this goal by developing highly successful products and supplements, including their internationally praised Youth Enhancement System™, collectively known as Y.E.S.

Meant for use on all types of hair, these products offer advantages for men and women alike. While the RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment’s win for Best New Male Hair Product was classified correctly for the purposes of the award, neither the scalp treatment not the other elements of the RVL collection are for male use only. It is true that these products provide benefits which are particularly advantageous in the treatment of men’s hair-related issues, but they have received critical acclaim by women as well. Regardless of gender, the ingredients and formulation are equally valuable for helping people achieve hair that appears thicker, fuller, healthier, shinier, and silkier.

These highly sought-after qualities are made possible because the RVL Advanced Hair Care System provides thorough nourishment through proper hydration and strengthening, across the spectrum of hair textures and hair types. All three products in the RVL line are made without the use of harsh, harmful ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, silicones, and dyes that are commonly found in other products.

Dyes are nice for changing a product’s colors but are otherwise useless and can cause irritation in many people. Silicones are heavy additives that can lead to scalp build-up and weigh hair down, especially fine hair. Sulfates have strong cleansing properties that strip away the necessary oils from the scalp, leading to dryness and itchiness. Parabens are common preservatives found in products that can cause some people to experience allergic reactions.

These strong and abrasive additives are potentially harmful and also unnecessary to include since many do not offer any real benefits. They are only incorporated into many other products on the market since they are a cheap alternative for mimicking certain qualities. These should be avoided since they have been known to cause irritation, allergic reactions, and scalp buildup. The Pure Beauty Global Award bestowed upon the RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment is an acknowledgment that Jeunesse is on the right path when they choose to use only quality ingredients in lieu of sulfates, silicones, dyes, or parabens in their RVL collection.

 The Winner is Revealed

With its impressive win in a tough category, the RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment was a true standout of the evening. It is the newest member of the already-celebrated RVL Advanced Hair Care System, Jeunesse’s three-step approach to achieving fuller and healthier-looking hair. In addition to the now award-winning scalp treatment, the collection also contains an Ultra Refining Shampoo and Multi-Perfecting Leave-In Conditioner.

Using a board-certified dermatologist’s input as well as a decade’s worth of research, Jeunesse Global refined their RVL Advanced Hair Care System. All three RVL products have been mindfully formulated with Jeunesse’s unique HPT-6 plant polypeptide technology, combined with a specific blend of nutrients and botanicals. Uplifting citrus is paired with clarifying eucalyptus to create a subtle yet invigorating and alluring scent.

RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment: Containing a high concentration of Jeunesse’s trademarked HTP-6 technology, this product provides the scalp with nourishment and moisturization. Consistent use of scalp treatments (also called scalp serums) are particularly beneficial for men due to the high-grade level of nutrients they deliver to discourage frizz and dryness. Regularly massaging this quality treatment into the head’s skin will encourage blood flow and circulation, optimizing the stimulation of hair follicles and triggering hair growth. This properly hydrates and moisturizes the scalp, thereby nourishing the hair connected to it to add shine. By conditioning and hydrating each strand to amplify overall body and volume, it promotes the appearance of more polished and fuller-looking hair.

RVL Ultra Refining Shampoo: This specially formulated shampoo provides gentle yet effective cleansing to give the appearance of more body and bounce while it also moisturizes and conditions the hair. It battles against the build-up of dirt and grease while offering weightless hydration to deter flyaways, static, dryness, thinness, and frizz. It has been purposefully formulated with a blend of glycerin, oils, and various nutrients to draw critically important moisture into the hair, restoring an ideal appearance to lackluster locks. This lightly lubricating and delicate shampoo promotes a softer and silkier finish, leaving static-free hair that feels and looks renewed.

RVL Multi-Perfecting Leave-in Conditioner: Hydrates, moisturizes, and strengthens each hair strand from deep within as it softens and detangles. Without saturating and weighing the hair down, this conditioner provides nourishment hair with an appropriate amount of moisture to leave locks looking and feeling healthier looking. This formula works to fortify the hair to combat breakage and smooth split ends. This leave-in conditioner captures and secures the right amount of moisture to maintain proper hydration without becoming oily and greasy. Humectants ensure that hair cuticles draw in and hold natural sebum oils necessary for scalp health. The conditioner also offers vital protection against various forms of outside enemies, such as environmental factors and heat damage, to leave more manageable hair with added luster.

Up-Close with the Winner

RVL by Jeunesse Global

With its win for the Best New Male Hair Care Product, the RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment clearly has what it takes to be considered a stand-out product among a crowded field. In addition to the functional and useful properties of the product itself, the packaging was also considered innovative to the judging panel of the 2019 Pure Beauty Global Awards. It was designed with a plunger applicator that is resourceful and also deters contamination that can commonly occur in other flawed packaging designs.

The RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment earned this well-deserved recognition for its ability to provide healthy nutrients into the skin at the top of the head. Since this delicate area of skin is connected directly to the body, it has a steady flow of blood and nerves circulating to it always. This constant blood flow gives the scalp its natural healing and self-repair properties, as with any other part of the body. Therefore, it is essential that it is cared for properly since it directly affects the look of the hair strands that are basically just an extension of the scalp. Among the best and most effective methods for maintaining this scalp health is by regularly using products (such as scalp treatments) that are specifically developed for this purpose.

In addition to the trademarked and exclusive HPT-6 plant polypeptide technology found in the RVL collection, these products have also been infused with carefully selected ratios of vitamins, antioxidants, botanicals, ayurvedic herbs, and oils. These special elements work together to provide the beneficial properties found within. Providing only a snapshot, the following are just some of the nutritious components found in the RVL product line: Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, minerals, herbs, antioxidants, phytonutrients, fatty acids, electrolytes, amino acids, polyphenols, and flavonoids.

Combining these knockout ingredients with nutritious oils such as jojoba oil and flaxseed oil, the RVL hair care products offer immeasurable benefits. Jojoba oil is of particular value since it strongly resembles a person’s own natural sebum found on the scalp. Therefore, it can be a strong scalp healer and moisturizer that serves as a heavy hitter in the fight against common hair loss. The omega-3 fatty acids found within flaxseed oil are powerhouses of nutrients that work diligently to support the overall health of hair follicles which can trigger beloved healthy hair growth as it pushes moisture and hydration in to help prevent dry, brittle, and lackluster locks. This added hydration also helps to lessen or eliminate frizz, leaving behind hair that is smoother and shinier.

There are too many advantages to list, but below is a snippet of the rewards the ingredients RVL products can provide to users:

  • Promoting stronger hair shafts that give the appearance of a thicker feeling and fuller-looking head of hair
  • Conditioning each individual hair strand to fight frizz and unwanted dryness
  • Stimulating dormant or dying hair follicles on the scalp, thereby promoting bounce and shine in an overall denser-looking head of hair
  • Moisturizing and hydrating the scalp while strengthening hair follicles
  • Utilizing certain antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties to help the scalp’s skin cells to regenerate while simultaneously addressing concerns such as dry scalp and dandruff
  • Delivering moisture directly to the inner depths of the scalp
  • Cooling and stimulating the scalp, thereby providing quick relief from inflammation, itchiness, and redness

Reveling in the Win

Beauty newcomers stood proudly together with renowned and established brands in anticipation for the announcement of winners at the 2019 Pure Beauty Global Awards. Receiving the top nod for Best New Male Hair Care Product acknowledges the numerous benefits made possible by regular use of Jeunesse Global’s RVL Advanced Hair Care System.

RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment’s ability to fortify the scalp with nutrients makes it a step above the rest. The commendations RVL has earned proves that the creators knew what they were doing when they created this groundbreaking jewel of a product. With so much focus on providing their customers with the best products possible, it is no surprise that Jeunesse was recognized at the 2019 Pure Beauty Global Awards.

Being presented and praised with such validation in a fiercely competitive, multi-billion-dollar industry is a considerable triumph. Winners of the annual Pure Beauty Global Awards are judged by an impressive panel of respected experts in all areas of the vast and busy beauty industry. Since determinations are made by these leaders who carefully use incredibly high standards to distinguish and differentiate between the best products from across the globe, the winners are representative of the industry’s most favorable innovations.

The fact that this is an international award makes sense, as the RVL collection is currently available throughout North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific (includes Greater China). With a seemingly endless number of contemporary items coming to market each day, the importance of this honor was not lost on the developers of the RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment.

Scott Lewis, the Chief Visionary Officer for Jeunesse, expressed his gratitude to the panel of judges for the accolade and also to the Scientific Advisory Board for Jeunesse for their heavy involvement in developing premier products. As Mr. Lewis previously stated when the RVL line was initially released, the company uses “innovative, exclusive and science-based formulas” when developing their products.  The panel of judges clearly recognized this as well through their acknowledgment of the RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment as the Best New Male Hair Product.

It is clear that the product line’s mission to help you Reveal Your Best Hair™ is not just an empty slogan meant to market the product. Jeunesse is truly devoted to helping their customers live their best lives, making them a part of Generation Young with each new product. The RVL Scale Infusion Treatment is no exception, helping men and women alike achieve new levels of health and beauty and ensuring the healthiest hair possible for all who use it.

Gaining traction through word of mouth for its effectiveness, the RVL product line has gained notoriety among some of the beauty industry’s most highly regarded and respected figures. This level of attention and appreciation exemplifies the company’s quality-centered commitment, not only to the RVL Advanced Hair Care System but to all of the products they develop.


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