Riot Games New Teamfight Tactics Game Mode Debuts to Overwhelming Demand

Riot Games has just entered the Auto Chess
genre with their Teamfight Tactics
mode in their already massive hit eSports game, League of Legends. A game within
game, Teamfight Tactics, and the auto chess genre at large brings together
elements of board, strategy, and battle royal games.
If you are unfamiliar with the new auto chess genre, don’t worry you are in good
company as it has only been around since the start of 2019. Riot’s Teamfight
Tactics had previously found a place on League of Legends test servers, but the
Los Angeles based company has decided to bring the game front and center in with
their new update.
So, what defines the auto-chess genre? Perhaps the most appealing aspect of auto
chess is its simplicity. Just like battle royale, players start each game on equal
footing which eliminates the experience requirement. Think Candy Crush rather
than a full-blown game of Risk. This is particularly exciting for Riot as League of
Legends is geared towards serious gamers. Their Teamfight Tactics update is sure
to bring in a more casual gaming demographic.
With that being said, there is certainly a learning curve involved with the genre.
When players start off playing Teamfight Tactics, or TFT, they purchase LoL
characters with gold pieces and use them on a 42 square board. In a round-robin
style tournament, players match up characters and abilities to excel based on their
team and their opponents’ stats. During a round, players lose the control of their
troops and can just sit back and enjoy the action ala Dejarik. Lose a round and you
take a hit to your overall health. As long as you still have health, you characters
reset each round and players are free to buy additional units, upgrade existing
units, or increase how many units you can use during a round.
This goes on until only one player is left standing with health. And that’s it, when
the fighting concludes, the board resets, and players are free to start another
round without repercussions from past games. This is a sharp contrast for the LoL
franchise which can take months even years to fully level up. Existing fans of LoL
will recognize champions and elements in the new Teamfight Tactics mode drawing
in legacy Rioters. This interplay between a long-standing hit game with a built-in
fan base and a trending game genre show the innovation that Riot is known for.
In a method originated and perfected by Riot, Teamfight Tactics will only improve
as game play continues.
riot culture
In the near future, Riot plans on adding a ranked mode to
Teamfight Tactics much like LoL’s ranked feature. Another addition Riot has on the
books is adding cosmetics to Teamfight Tactic missions. This feature will be rolling
out in the next week according to Riot and will give players the ability to earn
cosmetics and build up that precious clout.
The opening demand for Teamfight Tactics is immense. This demand is pushing the
limits of Riot’s servers, so expect queue times to reflect this initially. “Turns out
there’s still some shenanigans that we’re running into as a result of how many ofyou are trying to play,” tweeted the TFT product lead at
said Riot
, “There’s more of
you that want to try TFT than anywhere else in [the] world which is neat, but
there’s so many of you we can’t get all of you into games :(” TFT rolled out first in
Oceania and Japan and was restricted to players over a level 10 account. The very
next day Riot released the new mode in North America. At that time the above-
mentioned restriction was removed in North America, Russia, Turkey, and Europe.
If you would like to experience Teamfight Tactics for yourself and do not already
have a League of Legends account, start by signing up and downloading the client
Once you are signed in you can get started in a Teamfight Tactics match right
away. There were speculations that Riot require some requisite LoL play before
letting new players get started in Teamfight Tactics. Riot opted to ditch this
requirement and users can get started in Teamfight Tactics immediately. Specifying
your interest in Teamfight when you sign in will streamline the process.
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