Trump Sends Pence To The Border To Defend His Migrant Torture Scheme


Thanks to England’s U.S. Ambassador Kim Darroch Trump’s incompetence is front and center on the world stage. The New York Times and the Washington Post continue to describe Trump’s presidency as inept, incompetent, and chaotic, but those media reports don’t have the sting of the Darroch memos.

Ambassador Darroch called it like he saw it after meetings with the Trump administration. Darroch paints a picture of a U.S. president who vacillates from insecurity to incoherency on a daily basis. Darroch’s memos came to the surface when the Daily Mail published them, and it didn’t take long for Trump to respond.

Mr. Trump told Prime Minister May to remove Darroch from his kingdom. Trump called the ambassador a loser and a very unlikable guy. Trump also threw a few zingers at May before she leaves office. Darroch called Trump incompetent, unpredictable, and insecure, and the American media gave Darroch a high-five behind closed doors.

Darroch’s memos prove the media isn’t alone in their description of Trump’s presidency. It seems Mr. Trump gets low marks from foreign diplomats and world leaders, but they keep their comments secret in order to avoid Trump’s tariffs and executive orders.

New York Governor Cuomo gave Congress a backup plan if lawmakers can’t get copies of Trump’s federal tax returns. Cuomo signed a bill that requires the state’s treasury department to turn over state returns if Congress asks for them. Congress wants to get Trump’s federal returns first, according to the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. But if congressional lawsuits fail, Congress will request Trump’s state returns.

The trade talks with China could be on hold now that Huawei employees said they have ties with the Chinese intelligence and military agencies. Trump said he would allow Huawei to buy and sell in the U.S. after his G20 meeting with President Xi, but that could change now that security concerns are front and center again. Trump thinks Huawei spies for the Chines government, according to the New York Times.

Mike Pence will visit a migrant detention center in Texas along with a bipartisan group of lawmakers. Pence will assess the damage Trump’s immigration policies have on migrants waiting to enter the United States. Mr. Pence wants to defend Trump’s deliberate attempt to make migrants suffer. Pence blames Democrats for the border guards abusing migrants and for telling them to drink out of toilets.


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