Beal Properties, Local Property Owners Give Back to Community


For Beal Properties in Chicago, owning real estate isn’t just about a portfolio. They believe it’s about making the community a better place. Through an intersection of smart business practices and genuine investment in Chicago neighborhoods, the Beal Properties team is actively striving to make a positive difference in the community.

Beal Properties has a 30-plus-year history of property ownership in several metropolitan Chicago communities. Their attention to detail and beautifully cultivated apartments helped them build a reputation as one of Chicago’s leading property owners of multi-family apartment buildings.

Over the years, Beal has made investments in Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, Ravenswood, Lincoln Square, Logan Square, and the Gold Coast. They have also purchased and developed real estate in Chicagoland suburbs, including Northfield, Highland Park, Glencoe, Winnetka, and Evanston.

Joshua Samson, director of rental operations, is passionate about finding the perfect fit for families, couples and singles looking to rent in the Chicagoland. He is part of a team of experienced property managers who work tirelessly to create positive experiences for the families, couples, singles, and students who call Chicago home.

Beal Properties’ Charitable Giving

The management and staff at Beal Properties prioritize community in all they do, whether that’s refurbishing properties or working closely with tenants. They also understand that community extends beyond the doors of each resident’s home.

To foster a thriving neighborhood beyond their buildings, Beal Properties places an emphasis on charitable giving, having launched its Beal Giving Team in December to give back to organizations working to improve the quality of life for Chicagoans.

The team takes great care in choosing qualified organizations in Chicago, meeting regularly to evaluate and vet potential charities — all of which must provide aid, assistance, and support to the community before receiving a monthly donation.

“The best part about the Giving Team is being able to give to organizations that can give hope where hope is truly needed,” team chairperson Heather King said in December. “We believe finding strength in one’s community is not an antiquated notion. It can have a powerful impact on those who may not have a support system and give them the opportunity to connect with those who can help.”

Some of the organizations Beal Properties has recently given to include:

  • The Ark
  • Autism Speaks
  • Bridge to Success
  • Bright Start Community Outreach
  • Chicago Hopes for Kids
  • College Bound Opportunities
  • Family Service of Glencoe
  • Greater Chicago Food Depository
  • Highwood Legal Aid Clinic
  • JUF
  • Lakeview Pantry
  • LGBT Community Fund
  • Ravenswood Community Services

The full list of local organizations that have received donations from the Beal Team is featured on the Community Commitment page of the Beal website.

The Impact Charitable Work Has on a Community

The Beal Team — and Beal Properties’ broad view of community — is reflective of a broader trend among public-facing business leaders.

The most successful community leaders understand that their businesses don’t exist in a vacuum. To nurture a healthy environment for their neighbors, there has to be a dedicated effort to give back in a meaningful way.

In that regard, communities have become central to charitable giving. According to Project Giving:

From healing and educating to feeding the hungry and providing relief in times of crisis, the charitable sector is inextricably linked to our communities. Philanthropy’s independent role as an investor in innovation and a supporter of safety net services is more imperative than ever for restoring and sustaining a strong economy.

But beyond feeding the hungry or providing crisis relief, non-profits are also job creators — and donations can go a long way in creating employment opportunities.

One in 10 Americans work at a nonprofit organization. In total, nonprofits provide 13.5 million jobs nationwide. Especially in Chicago, non-profit employees are often representative of the communities they serve.

For Beal, this local focus is at the heart of many of their charitable efforts.

Beal Properties’ Giving Team Supports Legal Aid in Chicago

The Highwood Legal Aid Clinic, now known as the North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic, is committed to helping those who can’t afford legal representation receive the vital services they need.

Founded by Mayor Nancy Rotering, the Clinic opened on May 1, 2015 to provide access to justice to those in need who lived in Highland Park or Highwood.  Since then, the Clinic continues to strategically meet the ever changing needs of individuals and the greater community by expanding capacity, services offered, and geographic locations.  The Clinic recently changed its name to the North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic to better reflect the overall purpose of the organization. The Clinic does not receive funding from the Legal Services Corporation, allowing all clients, regardless of immigration status, to be served. – North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic

The clinic routinely serves immigrants in the community, domestic violence victims and tenants facing wrongful eviction. It also provides educational programming to the local population.

Beal Properties Donations Provide for Basic Needs in the Community

Similarly, Ravenswood Community Services “provides the basics of food and supplies to our neighbors, respecting the dignity of all and creating community throughout Ravenswood and the surrounding neighborhoods.”

According to the organization’s website:

RCS strives to be a place where people, neighbors – whether those in need or those of means – are fed, welcoming all who come to our doors, treating each with dignity. Our hunger relief programs work to provide nutritionally balanced bags of groceries and meals of the same quality we all want for our own families. We include fresh milk and bread each week and offer alternative items for those neighbors without access to a kitchen.

RCS’ programs bring together people from all sides of the economic divide in our changing neighborhood. Through our common goals, individual gifts, and shared vision for the future of our neighborhood and the wider community, Ravenswood Community Services strives to be force for positive change in our corner of the world. – Ravenswood Community Services

These services support the safety and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable neighbors that Beal Properties shares its streets with, demonstrating the company’s commitment to community in the areas it calls home.

Extending Heart and Home

The Beal Properties team knows that community health is at the heart of value. And Joshua Samson and the rest of the Beal staff are invested in building the kind of value in the community that touches the lives of residents every day.

From a smile to a donation to a helping hand, Beal Properties is committed to building neighborhoods and improving communities across the Chicagoland.

Want to learn more about Beal Properties and how the company gives back? Check them out on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.


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