Concerns Being Expressed After Shootings


After two mass shootings in two different states in less than 24 hours, some citizens in the United States are voicing their concerns. Some are showing levels of anxiety that they haven’t expressed before and want those who are in control of the government to do something about the gun issues and the people who are able to obtain guns who then use them to commit mass shootings. One young man entered a Walmart in El Paso and killed 20 people. He injured over two dozen others. Another young man started shooting people on a street in Dayton, OH. He killed nine people before police officers killed him. In both shootings, the people who committed them had anger issues against groups of people in the country.

When people across the United States processed the first shooting, they weren’t expecting to see news reports of the second one the next morning. Some believe that they need to be prepared all the time in the event that there is a shooting that occurs. They worry about whether they can go to a grocery store or even a shopping mall and make it out alive. Young adults are voicing their concerns about recent shootings and how the frequency is increasing. They are worried that gun violence is becoming worse but that those who are in charge in Washington, D.C. aren’t doing anything to stop it from happening.

There are people who have expressed how they would vacate a building if a shooter entered and that they feel that there is a need to have an escape plan. Some people talk to therapists about their fears and concerns while others are beginning to take their fears into their own hands by purchasing a gun for their personal protection. The fear of a mass shooting impacts celebrities, parents, children, and those who work in security careers as no one knows when or where the next shooting will take place.


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