Don Jr. Beats The Trumpian Drum For Republican Senators Stuck In Trump Snake Oil


Goldman Sachs let investors know the Chinese won’t talk to Trump about trade before the 2020 election. Mr. Trump made a lot of enemies in China. China’s consumer market bought a lot of American products before the tariffs. American exports to China were down more than China imports last month. Mr. Trump said his tariffs would balance the trade deficit, but in reality, that’s fake news.

Wall Street economists know there is a major slowdown in Gross Domestic Product growth. Some economists say the 2.1 percent growth in quarter two will drop to 1.8 in quarter three and disappear in quarter four. Three out of five economists claim the U.S. will experience another 2008-recession in quarter two of 2020, but this one may last longer.

Mr. Trump likes to boast about the economy. That’s why he keeps asking Jay Powell to cut interest rates. Trump wants to offset some of the damage his tariff war does to Americans. His next round of tariffs will increase retail prices, disrupt the supply chain, and increase the national debt more than it is now.

The total national debt just passed last year’s figure. Trump’s policy decisions will add more than $4 trillion to the debt by 2024, according to the Washington Post. The bond market seems to be screaming recession because of this inverted bond curve thing that makes no sense.

Several political strategists think Trump’s popularity among farmers, and white evangelicals might suffer now that the farmers know Trump screwed them more than the Chinese do every year. At least the Chinese put food on the farm table. All Trump gives them is empty promises and reelection bribe money.

The evangelicals want Mike Pence to tell the president they can’t handle it when he takes God’s name in vain on the campaign trail. They don’t mind his racist remarks as long he makes good on his no abortion promise to them. But that’s not working either.

Pence is a little worried Trump might dumb him for Mitch McConnell now that Mitch is a certified Trump ass-kisser and gun legislation hater that won the titles MoscowMitch and MassacreMitch.

Don Jr. will give several Republican senators up for reelection a dose of his special kind of Trump snake oil. Don Jr. likes to cross the line of good taste and enter the dark underbelly of existence when he speaks at reelection rallies for guys like Graham and Cramer. He’ll do a few favors for other senators who are proud to ignore constitutional laws in order to get reelected too. Some say Don Jr. is a true clone. Other people wonder what his hair will look like when he’s in his orange jumpsuit.


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