The French Invited Rouhani To The G7 Summit To Talk About A New Nuke Deal But Trump Told Macron To Butt Out


Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, thinks Trump wants to take control of the nation’s 17 intelligence agencies. Trump forced Dan Coats and longtime Deputy Director of National Intelligence Sue Gordon to resign. Sue Gordon’s departure is a big loss, and she won’t be easy to replace, according to Schiff.

Mr. Trump continues to berate Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell for not devaluing the dollar to hide some of the economic damage from his sanctions and tariffs. Government economists claim Gross Domestic Product growth was 2.1 percent at the end of June. And they predict GDP growth will drop to 1.8 percent at the end of September.

Most economists predict a global recession in 2020, but Trump continues to tariff and sanction America’s allies and trading partners, according to the New York Times. Wall Street wants the Feds to cut interest rates in September and October. But some economists think the interest rate cuts won’t be enough to stop the economic damage Trump reigns down on the global market and the United States.

The president said China will have to sign a trade agreement when his new tariffs go into effect September 1st. But China devalued its currency to remind Trump they don’t play by his rules. China’s devaluation was just a test, but if Trump enforces an additional 10 percent tariff on all Chinese products, the test will become the new norm, according to the Washington Post.

Senate Speaker Mitch McConnell told the press the violence in El Paso and Dayton was no reason for him to come back to Washington and debate the gun control legislation he kept hidden for six months. Mitch broke his shoulder in Kentucky, and he wants to recuperate at home. McConnell is an NRA lover so any type of gun control legislation doesn’t interest him or his voter base.

French President Macron wants Trump to follow through and talk to Iran. Trump said he would talk to Iran. Macron invited Iran to the G7 summit so Trump and Mr. Rouhani could meet face-to-face. The EU and China want Trump to work out a new nuke deal with Iran. Iran said they would talk to Trump if he stops trying to missile fry them. But the Trumpster is not really interested in talking to Iran, so he told Macron to bugger off and mind his own business.


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