Hospitals Overwhelmed After Mass Shootings


As people around the country remembered those who lost their lives and were injured in the shootings in El Paso and Dayton, almost a dozen other people were killed in Chicago. There were so many injuries because of the shootings in Chicago that at least one hospital stopped taking patients through the emergency department. One of the shootings in Chicago occurred when someone in a Camaro targeted people who were at Douglas Park as they were enjoying a barbecue. Most of the victims were not seriously injured during the shooting.

Less than an hour later, two women were shot. Eight other people were shot around four in the morning. Once officers were able to locate all of the victims, they realized that there were at least 46 people who had some type of injury and seven who had been killed. Officers believe that the shootings were gang-related and that some type of narcotics was involved. Residents and police officers have wondered what it will take to gain control of the gun violence that continues to occur in the country and in the city where they live.

Only a few hours before the shooting in Chicago, someone shot and injured 12 people in Brooklyn and killed one man. The group had gathered for a block party when they heard gunshots and tried to run for cover. When the patients in Chicago started arriving at hospitals, emergency physicians and nurses had too many at one time to care for and made the decision to stop accepting patients for a short time so that they could treat those who were there. Officers have vowed to do everything possible to keep city streets safe whether it’s in El Paso or Chicago. Many police forces are adding more patrols so that there are more people on the streets to try to stop shootings before they happen.


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