Ivanka Takes A Call From Big Daddy While She Spreads His Political Snake Oil In Jackson Hole


Mr. Trump blamed Denmark’s Prime Minister for backing out of the Queen’s invitation. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s told the press Trump’s plan to buy Greenland was “Absurd.” Trump said nobody talks to him like that, so he put Denmark and Frederiksen on his loser list, according to the New York Times.

Trump can’t seem to make up his mind about background checks. When He talks to the NRA, he’s not in favor of extended background checks. But when the Democrats accuse him of backing out of the promise he made after the El Paso and Dayton violence, he claims he’ll close background check loopholes.

Mitch McConnell still refuses to come back to Washington and pass gun control legislation. Mitch wants all the gun-control noise to die down before he acts like he cares. McConnell has two gun-control bills in his delete file back in Washington. The bills are six-months-old, but Mitch still claims he’ll do something about gun control, according to the Washington Post.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics deflated the unemployment numbers by more than 500,000 workers in March 2019. The huge boost in the economy from Trump’s great tax cut didn’t happen, according to MarketWatch. That screw-up may make a difference when the Feds meet in September. The government didn’t count workers who stopped looking for work after the 2008 meltdown.

Trump’s economy is in trouble. The only sector of his economy that looks good is the consumer sector, but his tariffs on all Chinese products will slow down the consumer market, according to the Washington Post. Some retail analysts see a slowdown in luxury items, and auto sales are off. Economists say a recession will hit the states in 2020. A few economists say the country is in recession mode now. A recession is two-quarters of negative Gross Domestic Product growth. That will happen if the economy only grows by 1.8 percent in the third quarter of 2019, but Trump won’t say that, according to the Post.

Ivanka acted like a head of state when the Trumpster called to help spread his political snake oil to a bunch of people in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Ivanka stopped her talk and let Daddy talk to her audience after she let him know her phone was next to the mic so he could give those folks a taste of political nasty while she smiled and tried to act presidential.


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