Lack Of Healthcare Results In Couple’s Murder And Suicide


During a time when healthcare seems to be unaffordable by many people, some elderly individuals are taking it upon themselves to give death a helping hand. A 77-year-old man who lived in Ferndale, Washington, called 911 to let them know that he was planning to commit suicide. When officers arrived, they discovered notes from the man and his wife that talked not being able to afford healthcare any longer and that the only way out that they could see was to commit suicide. Brian Jones made sure that officers knew where to find the notes before they arrived at his home.

While the dispatcher was talking to Jones, all attempts were made to try to keep him talking so that he wouldn’t commit suicide. Before hanging up, Jones let the dispatcher know that officers could find him and his wife in one of the bedrooms at the front of their home. Officers and a negotiator arrived only a few minutes after the call was made. They tried to call the man and his wife on the phone, and they also used a megaphone to get the couple’s attention. However, no one exited the home.

Officers sent a robot into the home to try to locate the couple. Images sent from the camera on the robot showed officers that Jones and his wife were on the floor. A gun was also nearby. When officers started looking inside the home, they discovered notes that described the couple’s health issues and how Mrs. Jones could no longer continue paying for medications and visits to the doctor because the couple didn’t have quality healthcare. There were two dogs left in the home as well as details about how the family of the couple should proceed the home and other belongings. Officers and community organizations have reached out to let citizens know that healthcare is available from many resources if they reach out to get help.


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