Numerous Arrests After Mass Shootings To Deter Future Events


In the wake of the mass shootings that have taken place in El Paso and Dayton, over two dozen other mass shootings have been averted thanks to the awareness of concerned citizens and police officers. A 15-year-old was arrested in Florida after making threats while playing a video game. He jokingly claimed that he was going to take a gun to his school and start shooting. Some of the people playing the game reported him, and officers showed up at his home a short time later. Even if it was a joke, he was arrested for making threats to commit a mass shooting.

At least 27 people have been arrested with more people suspected of possibly making threats to commit these types of crimes. The FBI director ordered that anyone making these threats is to be arrested. His order was made only a few days after 31 people were killed in El Paso and Dayton. Police departments across the United States are now supposed to follow a protocol to address any suspected threat as a way to try to stop mass shootings before they take place.

One of the reasons why officers have been so vigilant about arresting those who make threats is because there is a concern that domestic terrorists could promote other shootings. Friends of the teenager who was arrested claim that many students threaten to do the same thing but aren’t caught. Aside from the teenager, a man in Tampa was arrested after threatening to commit a shooting in a Walmart. Among the youngest of those arrested is a 13-year-old boy in Texas. He posted on his social media pages that he made a call to a Walmart in his town that resulted in the store being evacuated. When his mother found out what he had done, she turned him in to local police.


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