Biden Is Tight With Corporate Lobbyist But He Claims He’ll Give Their Donations Back


Boris Johnson wants another election. Johnson will get one now that Parliament gave the Trump clone a royal British smackdown. Parliament voted not to leave the EU without a signed agreement. Even members of Johnson’s party voted against him. His government is in trouble, but he believes an election will prove most Brits want to leave the EU. Johnson wants the country to vote on October 14th. That’s two weeks before the Brexit drop-dead date.

The Chinese keep stalling when Trump’s trade team calls to set another meeting. Chinese officials asked Trump not to expand the trade war, but Trump didn’t listen. President Xi refuses to sign a deal unless Trump stops bullying. But despite the requests from China, Trump continues to bully and threaten Xi. Mr. Trump told Xi he will continue to apply tariff pressure, and if he wins the election, he’ll make Chinese citizens pay a higher price.

North Korea wants attention from Mr. Trump. Japan’s Prime Minister Abe told Trump Kim Jon Un has weapons that will break through Japan’s military defenses. But Trump told the press Kim’s recent mission-firing episodes are no big deal.

Chinese officials visited North Korea to show their support for Kim’s quest to finish the deal with Trump. But Trump doesn’t know how to solve the North Korean debacle. If he lets Kim keep his nukes, he’ll lose his golfing buddy Abe’s support, and South Korea and Europe will turn on him too, according to the New York Times.

The Pentagon will give Trump $3.6 billion to build part of his border wall. That money is in the military budget. Pentagon officials claim the military doesn’t need that construction money. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper doesn’t want Trump to tweet bash him, so he agreed to let Trump build his wall even though there is no national emergency on the Southern border.

France will give Iran a $15 billion line of credit so they can get cash when they ship oil to Europe and Asia. President Macron said Iran will honor the 2015 nuclear deal. But they won’t talk to Trump unless other members of the agreement are part of the conversation.

Joe Biden continues to lose support from Democrats. Joe has a hard time keeping facts straight, and he still takes money from Big Pharma, Lockheed Martin, and Google. Biden received $200,000 from employees of high-profile lobbying groups, but Joe’s spokesperson said the campaign will return the money.


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