Counting Down the Days for Taking Success to the NEXT Level at Jeunesse EXPO 2019 World Tour


The Jeunesse EXPO NEXT 2019 World Tour’s kick-off event is just around the corner. Making its first stop on September 5 in Orlando, Florida, this global network marketing and distribution company will be touring across the world from September through November. With four international locations already chosen, each of the multi-day events will give individuals everywhere a tremendous opportunity to take the necessary steps to get them to the NEXT success levels.

Since EXPO10 marks Jeunesse Global’s tenth anniversary in business, attendees can expect this year’s agenda to be particularly festive. As with past EXPOs, the 2019 tour will empower Jeunesse distributors and employees with useful strategies for setting and surpassing personal and professional goals. To highlight their 10th anniversary, corporate leaders will certainly showcase some of their astounding achievements from the past decade.

Audience members will learn how this relatively youthful company has been able to break industry records, win international acclaim, and consistently be featured among the top-ranking companies on the DSN Global 100 List by Direct Selling News. Their ability to become and remain a real stand-out in the crowded field of health, beauty, and wellness companies is a truly impressive feat.


The Four E’s of EXPO

Every EXPO World Tour has proven to be an Effective, Educational, Enlightening, and Exciting experience, which has allowed this industry-leader to reach members of the Jeunesse family in different countries across most of the continents. With every occasion, top corporate executives are honored to show their appreciation for distributors’ efforts, impart their own knowledge, and debut new products to the audience. In addition to learning and celebrating, ticket holders can network and gain exposure to other like-minded achievers from all over the globe.

These Four E’s have all been essential components to making previous all World Tour events highly successful.


  • EFFECTIVE: People who attend are eager to learn proven business-building methods.


  • EDUCATIONAL: Breakout sessions provide in-depth learning on the most current and advanced marketing tools to drive growth.


  • ENLIGHTENING: Attendees are informed of the company’s newest products, oftentimes being among the first people to be introduced to freshly debuted items.


  • EXCITING: In addition to the festive celebrations and ceremonies to honor personal achievements, the presentations given are exciting and electrifying.


Elevate and Thrive

Pursuing his drive to meet and greet company distributors on an international scale, Jeunesse co-founder Randy Ray commenced the EXPO global tour in 2017. In addition to his home base of Orlando, Florida, he traveled to Milan, Bangkok, and São Paulo to share his own personal story, eternal optimism, and business growth strategies with every crowd he addressed. In addition to being warmly welcomed and supplied with details of never-before-seen products, distributors were able to make important networking connections and acquire new marketing skills to ELEVATE themselves.

The inaugural ELEVATE 2017 World Tour surpassed expectations, not only with its impressive number of attendees (roughly 50,000) but also with its figure of nearly $1 million donated to their nonprofit foundation, Jeunesse Kids. This nonprofit foundation is the company’s philanthropic vision that has always been one of the highlights at every EXPO. At each global locale, Jeunesse Kids partners with local-level organizations and charities to carry out meaningful regional initiatives. Their aim is to make sustainable differences in the lives of children everywhere, especially youth in underprivileged and poverty-stricken communities.

People then learned how to THRIVE during the following year’s EXPO9 World Tour in the cities of Rome, Bangkok, Orlando, and Rio de Janeiro. The THRIVE events featured inspirational presentations from leaders at the highest levels of the company, including the Executive Team Members, Brand Ambassadors, and Imperial Diamond Directors.


  • At the North America EXPO, Jeunesse Kids partnered with Kids Beating Cancer, a local Florida-based organization. Distributors helped to raise a record-breaking $211,000. This donation allowed Kids Beating Cancer to continue its mission of offering life-saving transplants to children.


  • At the Asia-Pacific & Africa EXPO, distributors learned more about the collaboration with the Thailand Community Children Foundation. Jeaunesse Kids donated $45,000 to aid in the efforts of the organization in creating developmental projects throughout the nation for school children.


  • At the Europe & Middle East EXPO, Jeunesse Kids proudly collaborated with a local Italian organization, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. At that time, their primary focus was on rebuilding an earthquake-damaged primary school. Distributors and employees contributed $30,000 to assist with these efforts.


  • At the Latin America EXPO, Jeunesse Kids teamed with the Brazilian AACD Hospital. A generous donation amount of R$500,000 was given to the AACD Hospital to provide them with supplies needed to care for some of their youngest patients. People in attendance were delighted to be introduced to the newly-debuted Açaí Grape flavor of Nevo. Jeunesse was honored to hand over all profits received from Nevo Açaí Grape sales to the Brazilian AACD Hospital.


Reaching the NEXT Tier of Success: Jeunesse Global’s EXPO NEXT 2019 World Tour

The 2019 EXPO NEXT World Tour will give leaders a globe-spanning platform to help take current and future Jeunesse family members to the NEXT tiers of success in their professional and personal lives. Go-getters who attend any of the venues will receive innovative and effective marketing strategies from their regional corporate leadership teams. In addition to marketing tips, distributors can grow their customer base and exceed sales expectations with the first-hand knowledge they gain when the newest Jeunesse products are revealed to them.

People gain an advantage and get the upper hand when they are among the first to learn about some of the newest marketing materials available to them. Distributors and employees have praised the company for creating well-thought-out daily agendas that are balanced with networking, educational, and celebratory activities at each of the following locations:


  • North America EXPO10 Event

When: Thursday, September 5 through Sunday, September 8

Where: Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center

Tickets Available: Early Bird Section (only 1,000 tickets available for purchase). The Reserved Section (only 1,000 tickets available for purchase). Remaining seats are located in the General Section.


  • Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Africa EXPO10 Event

When: Thursday, September 19 through Sunday, September 22

Where: Singapore at the Resorts World Sentosa

Tickets Available: Early Bird Section (only 1,500 tickets available for purchase). The Reserved Section (only 1,000 tickets available for purchase). Remaining seats are located in the General Section.


  • Europe and Middle East EXPO10 Event

When: Friday, October 18 through Sunday, October 20

Where: Milan, Italy at the Mediolanum Forum

Tickets Available: Early Bird Section (only 1,000 tickets available for purchase). The Reserved Section (only 2,000 tickets available for purchase). Remaining seats are located in the General Section.


  • Latin America EXPO10 Event

When: Friday, November 8 through Sunday, November 10

Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the Jeunesse Arena

Tickets Available: Remaining seats are located in the General Section.


EXPO10 is NEXT in Line

Attendees who want to learn strategies for entering the NEXT phase of their own success can purchase tickets for venues in the United States, Italy, Brazil, and Singapore. Celebrating a milestone of a decade of Jeunesse Global’s continued growth, this Expo is one that no dedicated Distributor will want to miss. This important company anniversary will certainly make each of the events on the World Tour particularly memorable and exciting experiences for all attendees.


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