Mexico Calls The Supreme Court A Bunch Of Trump-Loving Cabrón’s


The president threw China a tariff bone by moving the five percent tariff increase on several products from China to the middle of October. The top Chinese negotiator Liu He told Trump’s trade team they would plan a date to talk about the situation if Mr. Trump didn’t impose the December tariffs and let Huawei do business with American tech companies.

Mr. Trump’s trade war is about to get out of hand in the United States. Consumers feel the pain from the president’s global reality show. Mr. Trump wants to trade-beat the Chinese by bullying the country. Scholars who study Chinese culture say that style of negotiating is a non-starter. The Chinese expect respect, but Trump only respects himself, according to the New York Times.

Macron plans to give Iran a $15 billion line of credit so the country can get paid for their oil shipments to other countries. Trump is in his fight with Iran alone. He does have Ben Netanyahu’s on his side, but Ben may not be able to form a government.

Mr. Trump told the press he would consider talking to Iran, and he might ease some of the sanctions. Trump has to resolve the standoff in the Persian Gulf now that John Bolton lost the internal battle he had with Pompeo and Trump. Bolton wanted to missile fry according to Mr. Trump. The Trumpster only wanted to missile fry Iran after listening to Bolton’s warmongering merda.

Jerome Powell took a few more Twitter blows from the Trumpster after he let Trump know the board might cut interest rates in September. But Trump let Powell know a 25 basis point rate cut is not enough to keep the economy afloat.

Mr. Trump wants the central bank to cut interest rates to zero or below zero. Trump claims negative interest rates helped Japan’s economy and Europe’s economy. But Europe and Japan are one step away from a recession and the negative rates helped make that happen, according to global economists.

The Trumpians sitting like legal gods on the Supreme Court just did him a solid when they ruled people can’t get asylum in the U.S. unless they get turned down by another country. Immigrants have to claim asylum when they reach the first country’s border. The president of Mexico told the press he’s not happy with the Supreme Court’s decision. But he understands they are a bunch of Cabrón’s except for Ruth and Sonia.


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