Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ Is Getting Rave Reviews


One of the greatest directors of all-time is Martin Scorsese. He has churned out many masterpieces during his legendary career. He is considered to be the most distinguished person to have never won the Best Director Oscar. He is making headlines because of the new movie that he has coming out later this year. It will be called “The Irishman.” He made the film for Netflix. It will be one of the most expensive films in the history of the streaming giant. The high cost of the film has been attributed to the heavy use of computers to make the actors look younger in flashback scenes.

The film stars Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa and Robert De Niro as the man who claims to have killed him. Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel will also appear in the film. They have made many appearances in previous films that Scorsese has made in the past. The film will be released in theaters on the first of November. It will then debut on Netflix later that month. Some very early reviews are starting to be published and they are very flattering. In fact, many of the people who have seen “The Irishman” say that it is another masterpiece comparable to his most famous films.

Scorsese has put several years of his life into making this film. There are many people who believe that he might finally win the Oscar that has eluded him for so long. He has made many very memorable movies about the mafia and organized crime. This film is in the same genre. That is one of the reasons why so many people are excited about this film. The early reviews have praised the story and the performances of the cast. The film is already an early favorite to dominate the Academy Awards next year.

Martin Scorsese has said that he had been trying to get the film made for a very long time. However, there was always a problem. He was having trouble finding a production company to finance the film. Then there were problems with the script. Netflix eventually got involved and the project began to pick up steam. Joe Pesci had basically retired from acting. He came out of retirement because he thought the role was too good for him to pass up. Scorsese said that he is very proud of the film. He can’t wait for people to see it.


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