Trump Ties Bolton’s Hands While He Tries To Make A Deal With The Taliban


Madeleine Westerhout was Trump’s secret weapon in the White House. Her desk was a couple of steps away from the oval office, so she acted like a gatekeeper. People who wanted to talk to Trump had to go through Madeleine to get an appointment, according to the Washington Post.

Westerhout’s $145,000 a year gatekeeper job went up in smoke when she had a few too many during dinner with reporters in Bedminster, N.J. Madeleine shared the unflattering weight comments Mr. Trump made about his daughter Tiffany with members of the press.

The reporters promised to keep her half-in-the-bag comments out of the press, but that promise only lasted a week. Mike Mulvaney found out Westerhout shared information about the president that could add to the misery he currently experiences with what he calls, “the fake news.” When Mulvaney confronted Westerhout, she resigned.

Mr. Trump went easy on Westerhout when he announced her resignation. He told the press she was a great employee and he knew she wouldn’t break her non-disclosure agreement. Mr. Trump wanted to let her know she has to keep the chaotic working conditions in the White House a secret. Westerhout would never rain on Trump’s dictatorial parade, but if she did, the world would get an up-close and personal account of how chaotic it is to work in Trump’s White House, according to the Post.

North Korea wants Pompeo to stay out of the negotiations. North Korea and China claim Pompeo is a dick. Both countries won’t talk to him under any circumstances. Pompeo likes to trash talk North Korea and China when he runs around the world promoting Trumpism. The Chinese call Mike a poisonous plant and a cheerleader for hate. Pompeo is a closet warmonger, but his pal John Bolton is a blatant trigger happy Trumpian.

Bolton is the guy who almost missile-fried Tehran before Trump stopped him. Trump loved Bolton before John showed his true colors by wanting to take military action against Iran and North Korea. Mr. Trump finally realized Bolton could ruin his reelection chances, so he told Bolton to stay away from the talks in Afghanistan and North Korea.

Mr. Bolton hardline stand against those countries makes him a liability, according to the New York Times. Mr. Trump likes to eliminate liabilities in one way or another, so Bolton may be the next Trumpian to get the ax. But just like Westerhout, he’ll say he wants to resign.


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