Whimsical Foods From Brandless — Delicious, Healthy, And Fun


If you browse the online Brandless catalog, it will become clear that someone at this hip young company must be lots of fun at parties. Get your grin on and take a look at some of their more whimsical choices.

1. Have Some Quakers With Your Crackers

Whether or not you’re an Oregon Ducks fan, these organic duck shaped crackers from Brandless should put a smile on your face. Move over cheesy gold fish and put some quack quack in your snack attack! They’re also perfect for getting kids to eat their soup (swim ducky swim) or their salad (do ducks dive for endive). Note, there are no GMO oils in these crackers, unlike most crackers on the market, and they’re made with real cheese. Ironically, however, you should avoid feeding real ducks more than a couple of these cheesy quakers because they’ll fill up on them and avoid eating their natural diet…. so be stingy duck scrooge.

2. Brandless Dark Chocolate Covered Quinoa Bites

Puffed quinoa covered in chocolate — great for the taste buds, even better for the tummy! Quinoa grain is a superfood gifted to us by the indigenous people of South America. When invading Europeans tried to enforce a rule that they could no longer grow quinoa, one of their primary staple foods, they secretly rebelled and grew it high in the hills. They also continued to pass down the skills necessary to grow it, process it, and store it for times when food was scarce. It was far healthier than the favorite foods of the invaders! So, be a rebel and stand in solidarity with indigenous people everywhere as you enjoy this chocolaty zany fun way to eat quinoa. Many people don’t realize this but quinoa is actually the seed of a green leafy vegetable closely related to spinach and it has as spectacular a nutrient profile. No wonder Dark Chocolate Covered Quinoa Bites have become one of the favorites at Brandless.

3. Brandless Gouda Cheese Bites

If you’re following a low carb diet, these are the perfect choice when you’re craving crunchy snack food. Resist those potato chips and reach for these instead. You’ll feel like you’re cheating but you won’t be. It’s a “guilty pleasure” without the need for actual guilt. An entire bag contains only six grams of carbs but has nineteen grams of protein. Thus, these bites not only serve as a tasty low carb snack, they’re also a delicious high protein snack. Brandless Gouda Cheese Bites have only one ingredient: gouda cheese! Many fans of these delectable balls of goodness like to use them as a substitute for croutons on their salad. They can also provide a burst of flavor and interesting texture if you sprinkle them on other foods like casseroles. If you prefer cheddar cheese to gouda, Brandless offers a cheddar cheese variety too.

4. Brandless Everything Pretzel Thins

When you hit the bagel shop, do you go straight for the “everything bagels?” If so, these Brandless Everything Pretzel Thins are going to become your new favorite pretzels! They’re flavored with wholesome tasty ingredients like sesame seeds, black caraway seeds, rosemary, and garlic. Eat them naked like a naked bagel or schemer them with cream cheese! Heat them slightly in a toaster oven and try them with one of Brandless’ varieties of mustard.

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