Family Fighting Back After Fee Added To TV Bill After Woman’s Death


A 102-year-old woman recently passed away after living in the Bay Area. Although her age is one of the details about her that family members and friends will remember, it’s also the way that bill collectors are treating her death that has left many heartbroken and even frustrated. One of the oldest people who lived in the country, Isabel Albright saw many events during her long life. She saw the first man land on the moon and over 12 presidents in the White House. She experienced what life was like before television was a thought, but it’s her satellite television bill that has her family demanding changes.

After Isabel passed away, her family started completing the tasks of disconnecting all of the services that she had in her name and paying any outstanding bills that she had. She passed away in December, so it took a month or two for everything to get taken care of because of the holidays and a new year. Even though Isabel had been a good customer of DirecTV for several years, the company attached an early disconnection fee to her account because she died before the account was up for renewal.

When Isabel’s family found out about the fee, they were very upset and quite surprised. The fee for the early termination was $160. The family doesn’t understand why the company is charging them the fee because she didn’t request that her services be terminated. She passed away, which is why she no longer needed the services. The company told the family that since a new box was put back in the home because a caregiver stayed in the home after Isabel’s death, they would be charged for an early termination even though they connected services again. There was no proof given by the company that a new agreement started. The family is now fighting against DirecTV to have the fee removed.


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