Federal Judge Gives Vance The Win In Trumps Tax Return Fight


Energy Secretary Rick Perry denied his wanted jump off the Trump’s version of a political Titanic. Perry got caught doing some of Trump’s snake oil selling in Ukraine when the Trumpster decided he could squeeze some dirt out of Ukraine by talking in terms Ukrainians understand.

Ukraine is one of those countries that built its own political structure while it was part of the Soviet Union. Government officials wheel and deal with criminals on a daily basis, and that’s why Zelensky got elected. He sold himself as the guy who could clean up corruption. What he didn’t tell the people was he would still participate in international criminal activity as long as Trump is able to handle military aid distributions.

Secretary Perry’s job when Trump sent him to Ukraine was to get a few Trumpians on the boards of Ukraine’s largest companies. And when he wasn’t doing that, he was talking to Giuliani, Volker, Sondland, and Trump about the conspiracy Trump made up. Trump wants people to believe Ukraine, not Russia interfered in 2016. He thinks Clinton’s email server is somewhere in Ukraine, according to the New York Times.

Trump’s quest to make Zelensky his bitch started as soon as Zelensky won the election. He took Giuliani off his lease and let him sprinkle Trumpian snake oil all over the right officials so they would let Zelensky know the Trumpster wants an answer on the Biden investigation.

President Trump doesn’t like the idea he will be one of four presidents who have the word impeachment in their presidential resume. One former Trump Organization executive said Trump may resign if the impeachment fire gets too hot. She said Trump’s ego won’t let him look like a loser.

Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi took low Twitter blows from the Trumpster. The Commander-in-Tweet wants them impeached for calling him a criminal and a sleazeball. More whistleblowers want to give Pelosi and Schiff more first-hand information so they can help impeachment fry Trump’s butt.

Manhattan D.A. Vance took down the Trumpster when Judge Marrero told the Trumpster’s lawyers their arguments were stupid. The judge told Trump he’s not above the law and he has to give Vance his personal and business tax returns. Trump told Vance he still has his appeal lifeline.

Vance wants to see all Trump’s returns for the last 11 years. Vance thinks that Stormy Daniels payment Cohen made for the Trumpster violated New York tax laws.


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