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Everyone loves their mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets, smart watches, and e-readers have all become commonly used products in everyday life. These products are well designed and extremely easy to use, even for those who aren’t technologically savvy.

But there is one major issue when it comes to wireless devices: charging. With the average household owning 13 wireless devices, tangled chargers have invaded the houses, making for a clunky and ugly sight, while charging on the go requires carrying around a bulky brick-like power bank. These chargers not only look terrible but also function poorly, breaking often and becoming wasteful very quickly. This is why the future of charging will be wireless. However, half of all wireless chargers aren’t wireless at all, and the charging docks need a wired connection to receive power.

Luckily, the new family of products from MAGFAST is here to change the charging narrative for both wired and wireless charging with an entire range of products that is set not only to make your life easier but also to make the world a better place.


The Problems

Almost all traditional charging products have some sort of problem. Some have ugly designs, others use cheap circuitry, and there are many that require users to purchase a new charger after the wiring wears out. Here are the main issues that plague the charging industry today:


The Design Problem

Let’s face it: almost all chargers on the market are ugly. Power banks are heavy and clunky, often resembling cement bricks. What’s even more frustrating is that while these power banks tout their charging abilities on mobile devices, they too often don’t fit cases. What good is a portable charger if it doesn’t fit securely into your smartphone when your case is being used?

Wireless charging pads are thought to be the next evolution of charging, and they do look nicer than their power bank counterparts. However, these pads mostly just get in the way and still need to be plugged in to receive power, making them not really wireless at all. If you need charging on the go, your wireless charging pad needs to find an outlet to charge itself before it can charge your wireless device.

Until now, these design flaws in power banks and wireless charging pads have been the industry norm, and users have had to work through these design issues without a better option available.


The Functionality Problem

When it comes to charging interoperability, there are two major things to consider: power-in and power-out. Power-in refers to the ways that the charger itself gains power. Even a wireless charging bank needs to get its power from somewhere. Traditionally, most forms of wireless chargers or wired chargers have only one option to receive power, which is most often via USB. Alternatively, power-out refers to the ways in which the charger can power up your mobile device. Again, most chargers only offer one option for power-out, whether it is wireless charging via Qi, USB, or the newer USB-C standard.

With only one option for power-in and one option for power-out, traditional chargers are extremely limited in their functionality. Yes, using Qi wireless charging is nice, but it only works for products with Qi-enabled charging and means that the wireless charger needs still has to gain its power from an outside source.


Longevity and Cost

Traditional chargers have poor design and cheap manufacturing. This causes many chargers to stop functioning after only a short period of time, meaning they need to be replaced over and over again. Sure, you can find a smartphone charger for $5 online or at a discount store, but it might only last you one month before you need to replace it.

There are other, more expensive chargers on the market that are built to last. However, these power banks and wireless chargers are pricey, often costing upwards of $100. These chargers have extremely limited functionality, which does not justify this price premium. For example, a Qi wireless charging pad could cost anywhere from $20-$100 but only provides one method of charging and is not portable; it requires power from an outlet to function on its own.

Ideally, a charger should not only be affordable, but it should also be long lasting without any issues or problems. Additionally, any charger with a more expensive price tag should have multiple charging features and functionality to warrant its higher cost.


How MAGFAST Is Changing the Narrative

The MAGFAST team has worked hard to identify all of the common charging problems and find the most optimal ways to create better charging solutions. While each MAGFAST product is different, all products have these same functionality and design features, while providing the best quality of any chargers on the market.


MAGFAST chargers are designed not only for aesthetics but for functionality as well. Take the magnetic charging nature of MAGFAST products, for example. All MAGFAST charging devices snap into place with one another easily and securely, which makes for a truly wireless way to charge your power bank. Products also come equipped with a built-in cable that snaps easily back into place when not in use. And instead of guessing how much charge is left in your power bank, all MAGFAST power bank products have LED lights to let users know how much charge is left available to them.

All MAGFAST products are created using an advanced injection molding process. To ensure the best manufacturing for its products, the company has partnered with P3 International, a leading electronics manufacturing company. P3 has over 30 years of experience in the electronics industry, having shipped tens of millions of units around the globe. Its products have been featured on QVC, Amazon, Brookstone, Sam’s Club, and more. P3 is the perfect partner to help MAGFAST achieve the best design and quality in all of its products.



One of the best aspects of the MAGFAST Family of products is their functionality. Because each MAGFAST product works with one another, they can all be used interchangeably. If your MAGFAST Life needs power, you can snap it into your MAGFAST Wall or Road to charge up. Or if your MAGFAST Time is running low on battery, it can connect to your MAGFAST Wall to recharge. Any two members of the MAGFAST family can charge or be charged by another member.

All MAGFAST chargers come equipped with USB-C native cables to charge your devices. Yet, with MAGFAST, all built-in cables can also be swapped out if needed, making it easy to change from USB charging to Lightning charging in an instant.

MAGFAST also blows the competition away when it comes to charging speed. All MAGFAST products charge at rapid speeds by using high-quality circuits that allow for fast charging, unlike traditional chargers, which employ cheap circuits that easily break and charge slowly.



This is where MAGFAST really blows the competition away. Instead of having only one power-in and one power-out option for its chargers, all MAGFAST products have multiple power-in and power-out options for users. In addition to traditional power options like USB-C and MicroUSB, MAGFAST offers Qi wireless charging and its own native MAGFAST charging in all devices.

Power-In Power-Out
Qi Wireless Qi Wireless
Built-in Cable


Longevity and Impact

MAGFAST is structured as a benefit corporation. This means that the company’s mission isn’t just to make money but also to create a better world for its employees, community, and environment. To do this, MAGFAST has pledged to donate one percent of its resources, earnings, and company time to create a better world.

MAGFAST understands that chargers create a big waste problem that contributes to the estimated 50 million tons of waste going into the environment every year. To combat this, MAGFAST is planting one tree for every charger purchased and seven trees for each purchase of the MAGFAST Pro Kit. To date, MAGFAST has already planted over 33,000 trees. That’s more trees than in all of Central Park! With this environmental commitment and a product that reduces waste, MAGFAST is changing the world for the better.

MAGFAST isn’t just looking to create a better charger; it’s looking to create a better world. Through its commitment to the environment, MAGFAST is set to make the planet a better place to live for everyone, one charger at a time.


The MAGFAST Family Is Here to Save the Day

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your chargers be interoperable, well designed, and long lasting? With MAGFAST, all of this is possible. That’s because MAGFAST doesn’t just provide consumers with one type of charger; it offers an entire family of chargers that work together in a seamless and easy manner. These chargers work together to create an entire charging ecosystem that remains by your side, whether you are at home, at the office, on the road, or in any other situation. This not only makes charging a breeze but also offers consumers a new and innovative way to charge their portable devices.




The standard charger in the MAGFAST Family of products is MAGFAST Life, a versatile portable power bank. Life has the most interoperability of the MAGFAST products, with four ways to get power in, and five ways to get power out. This makes Life the only charger that you will ever need for your cell phone, e-reader, and tablet. The built-in MAGFAST cable is discrete, can be flipped out at any moment, and best of all, uses magnets to snap securely back into place when not in use. MAGFAST Life is the perfect alternative to ugly looking and less functional power banks.




MAGFAST previously released its first version of MAGFAST Wall, which was so popular that it sold over 250,000 units. Known as the “invisible outlet” charger, the Wall is designed to be placed directly over any outlet, making for the most discreet charging on the market. Any MAGFAST charger can be snapped directly to the top or bottom on the Wall to utilize its magnetic charging capabilities.

MAGFAST Wall comes in two power options. The base model is the Wall product that users know and love, while the SP2X model provides double the charging power, along with surge protection for safety. With Power Delivery technology, the Wall charges mobile devices in a fraction of the time compared to other chargers.



Everyone needs a good charger for the road. Whether you take long road trips or simply have a daily commute, getting stuck in your car without a charger can be a painful experience. This is why MAGFAST has designed MAGFAST Road to be the easiest-to-use car charger for anyone. Road provides USB outlets for everyone in your car and Qi wireless charging. Apart from the charging itself, MAGFAST Road is equipped with a flashlight, so you never have to go searching in the dark when charging your devices.



MAGFAST Air is the perfect wired or wireless charging stand for your home, office, or on the go. Air first functions as a Qi wireless charging stand on which any mobile device can rest upright. Flip down the built-in stand, and you can pop out a USB cable to use for charging by your bedside. Air can sit firmly on any flat surface or be placed directly on top of MAGFAST Wall for fast charging. You can even snap Air into MAGFAST Life, Life Extreme, or Road to get portable power as needed.



As smartwatches become more and more popular, it is good to know that there is a charger out there specifically designed for these new devices. The MAGFAST Time is a smartwatch charger with a pop-out wireless charging stand. Time has enough of a charge to last for an entire two-week trip. While MAGFAST Time is currently only operational for the Apple Watch, future product releases will include functionality for other smartwatch products.


MAGFAST Life Extreme

For those looking for even more power, MAGFAST Life Extreme is here to give you so much charging power that you won’t know what to do with it. MAGFAST Life Extreme provides 27,000 mAh of power, which provides up to 12 full smartphone recharges. This is perfect for a family with many devices that constantly need charging. With its high-capacity 12v outlet, the MAGFAST Life Extreme has enough power to jump-start your car! Think about it: you can use the MAGFAST Life Extreme one day to power up your iPad and the next day to jump-start your car battery after the lights were left on all night. With the MAGFAST Life Extreme you will never complain about not having enough charging power ever again.


MAGFAST Family Pro Kit

Add all of these amazing products together, and you get an entire suite of charging options for any mobile device in any situation. With so many options available, MAGFAST is offering its customers the MAGFAST Family Pro Kit, a one-time purchase that includes all of the MAGFAST products you could ever need:

  • 1 MAGFAST Life
  • 1 MAGFAST Life Extreme
  • 1 MAGFAST Road
  • 1 MAGFAST Air
  • 2 MAGFAST Wall SP2X
  • additional Lightning and Micro-USB cables
  • additional MAGFAST Wall adapter tips for USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB



There are several additional add-on products that make MAGFAST chargers even better and ensure that you have the right accessories for any situation.

There are two MAGFAST family cables, Micro-USB and Lightning, which can be swapped out of any MAGFAST power bank product. With all of these cable adaptors, you will be able to charge any device you can think of just by swapping out the cable on any of your MAGFAST portable charging devices. As a special addition, you can purchase 12v jumper cables to jump-start your car with the MAGFAST Life Extreme. No more having to ask someone else to help jump-start your car or carrying around heavy and bulky batteries.


Don’t Let Charging Get in Your Way

It’s time for a change. Old chargers are an obsolete technology due for an upgrade. If we can have well-designed, functional, long-lasting devices, why can’t the same be true for our chargers? With MAGFAST, charging will never get in your way again. MAGFAST solves the biggest issues that you encounter when charging wireless devices and even goes many steps further to make sure that all of its chargers are extremely powerful and interoperable with any wireless device on the market. With MAGFAST, you won’t have to worry about your chargers ever again.

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